Why Wearing Miniskirts to the Office is a Bad Career Choice

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This week while chatting with a good friend, she told me how her office recently hired an attractive woman. On her first day at the office, the skirt she wore left little to the imagination. Not surprisingly, office flirting ensued.

Class, why is wearing miniskirt to the office a bad career choice?

When a woman is establishing herself as a professional in her field and a valued asset to the team, the more skin she shows, the less authoritative she becomes. In other words, when a woman shows off her body in the workplace, she gives away her visual authority. It becomes distracting and diminishes any contributions she is trying to make.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be known as a respected team member who brings value to the workplace rather than a pretty face that stirs things up at the office?

Bottom line, ladies: if you want to be respected in the workplace, save the miniskirt for after hours.

(By Sarah Ward and Judith Rasband)

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