White After Labor Day – Fashion Faux Pas?

White Diane Von Furstenburg Dress
White Diane Von Furstenburg Dress

Labor Day is fast approaching and you know what they say:  Don’t wear white after Labor Day.

What do you think?  Is wearing white after Labor Day an absolute fashion faux pas?  Or is the white-after-Labor-Day rule absolute nonsense?  Do you:

  • a) follow the rule to not wear white after Labor Day to a tee?
  • b) are you willing to cheat a little bit — you know, at least till the summer weather checks out.
  • c) or, to heck with the rules!  I’ll wear what I want when I want!

As I found on the blog Kerbobbled, Rachel Bilson is an advocate of wearing white after Labor Day!  She says, ““Forget the old rules. I love white all year round. It’s cooler to wear it when you aren’t supposed to.”

Rachel Bilson rocking white after Labor Day
Rachel Bilson rocking white after Labor Day

Will you lead the rebellion for white after Labor Day and wear it when you want?  Will you appease the fashion Gods and keep the white after Labor Day rule?  Tell us why or why not.

Just for good measure, I’m going to give my white tulip skirt from Shade Clothing an extra spin before Labor Day.  As for me — I’m still undecided.

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9 thoughts on “White After Labor Day – Fashion Faux Pas?

  1. White is more of a spring and summer color. I think it is great to mix and match, but in winter and fall, all white is not as appropriate for the season. Especially all white bottoms. A white belt, white on top, white in a pattern, or pops of it here and there is A-okay with me any time.

  2. Of course I will wear it if I feel like it. The fashion…who ever they are…fashion people I guess lol, have tv shows and blogs all telling us what to wear. Now (I realize this idea isn't new) they are telling us what colors to wear? Please. Let me remind you all that you are in America! You make the choice for yourself. 😉 Dress outside their box and inside God's book! Wear White!! 😉

  3. White pea coats, Hats, Gloves! White skinny jeans with knee-high stilettos! The options are too numerous to be limited to 3 months of the year.

  4. Love it! I have this amazing white turtleneck that I obviously only wear during the winter, but it's a definite staple in my wardrobe. I don't think there's anything wrong with it either.

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