What to Wear to the Gym

Here’s an article I wrote for See You At Seven recently, a great resource for couples who are looking to save time and money and find fun date night ideas. This one is about what to wear to the gym. Enjoy!

Gym Wear

The new year marks new beginnings, and if one of your resolutions in 2011 is to get into shape, lose weight, or be more active, you’re in good company. According to CNN, the number one New Year’s resolution in America is to lose weight. For a husband and wife, a double gym membership might be just the ticket to get the ball rolling on your resolution this year.

“It’s very important to have the right clothing to exercise in. If you throw on an old T-shirt or sweats, it’s not inspiring.” – Cheryl Tiegs

Something that helps me get out the door to the gym are great exercise clothes. If the only time you wear exercise clothes is when you’re breaking a sweat and the workout clothes are appealing – having attractive workout clothes may be that extra motivation you need to get onto the treadmill.

  1. Opt for a t-shirt or an athletic tank top with a built-in bra (for women). For those who perspire a lot, choose a darker color top, like gray, to avoid sweat stains in the armpits.  Sleeveless tops may also be a good choice for air circulation.
  2. In colder weather, layer a hoodie sweater or long sleeve tee for extra warmth. You can always shed the layer as you heat up.
  3. Shorts are a popular choice among men and women. Track pants are a comfortable, durable option for men. Long black pants, like the LuLuLemon variety, or cropped Capri length-pants are great for women who want more coverage.
  4. If you’re in the market for new workout clothes, look for materials that wick away the moisture, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the workout.
  5. While form-fitting clothing is optimal to help avoid injury on gym equipment, make sure you have adequate ease in the fit to be able to move freely. Plus, a too-tight fit draws undue attention to the body and any of the figure variations you may prefer to keep under wraps.
  6. A good running shoe is suitable for the majority of work-out activities at the gym.
  7. Things to avoid wearing to the gym include ultra short-shorts, a sports bra on its own (unless you’re into being gawked at, of course), overly baggy clothes, jeans, and flip-flops.

For couples who want to get in shape in 2011 and spend more time together, why not get a babysitter and hit the gym together? Whether you grab ellipticals side-by-side or attend a yoga class together to de-stress and relax, working out as a couple will help you improve your health, your image, your confidence, and your marriage.

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