What to Wear for Thanksgiving

When deciding what to wear for your Thanksgiving feast, choose something that will nicely accommodate a full belly. A typical Thanksgiving meal runs around 3,000 calories, so here’s a couple tips for what to wear for Thanksgiving:

  1. Wear a top with an empire waist. This paisley tunic has lots of fullness which will give you a plenty of room to digest.

    Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
    Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
  2. Wear a top with a blousing effect. This rectangular tunic shirt gets some nice shape to it when you add a belt. Take a deep breath and the blousing effect will naturally occur, giving you some extra wiggle room at the waist. No one will know if that’s air or skin under there!


  3. Wear an extra layer like a cardigan or vest which will nicely conceal any fullness in your midriff.

What will you be wearing for the biggest feast of 2010? 3,000 calories, here I come…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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