What to (and NOT to) Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

Photo: Keatley Photo

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties! A word to the wise, here are some things you should when deciding what to wear:

  • Cleavage — is that where you really want attention to go when talking to the guy from IT?
  • Too short/tight dresses — leave the club clothes for Saturday night
  • Too casual clothes — as to avoid showing disrespect
  • Holiday costumes — no sexy elf costumes!
  • Ugly Christmas sweater — unless that’s the theme!

Remember, you are partying with your boss and colleagues so that means your reputation is on the line. A good rule of thumb is this: Less skin is more! Because the more skin you show, the less authoritative you become.

Now that we’ve covered what to avoid, let’s talk about what to do.

  • When deciding what to wear, the word “classy” ought to be your guide.
  • Metallics, lace, and sequins are on trend during the holidays. A little can go a long way! If you add some sparkle, make sure to go simpler for the rest of your outfit.
  • If you are going straight to the party after work, bring a decorative accessory like a pair of glamorous stilettos, a bib necklace, or a feather clutch that will help make your outfit look more festive.

Here are some photos to get the wheels turning:

Photo: ModCloth.com
Photo: pinterest.com
Photo: Talbot's Catalog

What are you wearing to your office Christmas party?

3 thoughts on “What to (and NOT to) Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

  1. LOL, sorry Im still cracking up that opening image! LMAO surely noone actually chooses to look like that – unless they are intentionally taking the mickey that is 😉

    Who knows, the internet doth bring out the oddballs now

  2. "The more skin you show, the less authoritative you become." That's right. Well there really are those people who purposely wants too much attention and that's the very reason they dress like that. This is not about wise people's fashion anymore, it's another thing.

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