What I Wore: White Stripes Sweater

This year you’ll be seeing more “what I wore” blogs… at least of the good stuff :)

We had a conversation about this at the office today about why this white stripes sweater is so great. It’s black and ivory, which softens the look, plus it’s a great example of gradation. Because of my personal coloring — light skin and dark hair — I can pull off the dramatic contrast. With the vertical stripes, it totally brings the eyes into the middle for a slimming effect. Plus, it’s super warm which works for Utah winters.

What I Wore

  • Wool angora white stripes sweater  – thrifted
  • Black slacks – Banana Republic
  • Black booties – Famous Footwear
  • White pearls – Blue Bijou
  • Watch – Fossil

What’s your favorite winter sweater?

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2 thoughts on “What I Wore: White Stripes Sweater

  1. Rebecca H says:

    Agreed, that sweater is perfection! I must not be looking hard enough when I thrift, I never seem to find the good stuff like this one. Must. Try. Harder!

  2. cablecarcouture says:

    Thanks, Rebecca! One of things about shopping at thrift markets I've found is that you can't be there for something in particular. You may find something you don't expect.

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