What I Wore: Turquoise Accents

What I Wore

  • Wide-brim hat – Banana Republic. Wide-brim hats are a must for any woman’s wardrobe who wants to protect her skin from the sun!
  • Turquoise necklace – Blue Bijou Jewelry
  • White collared shirt – Red House
  • Belt – Target
  • Red linen skirt – Smart Set (Canadian store). Want good air flow during the summer? Wear skirts, especially those made of linen.
  • Embellished turquoise sandals – Famous Footwear. FF can be hit or miss, but this was a definite hit! Rubber flip flops are a no go for work, but I see nothing wrong with embellished sandals in a relaxed work environment.

I liked this picture so much it’s my new Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profile pic. Are you on Google+ as well? Let’s connect!

What did you wear today?

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