What I Wore: Sundance Resort

This week I’ve had the pleasure of hosting four dynamic women in town to get certified through Conselle’s Educational-Training for image consultants. On Wednesday, we all piled into my compact car and headed up to Sundance Resort for a delicious lunch at the Foundry Gill, a little shopping at the general store, and sight-seeing. (Side bar: if you’re considering become a fashion stylist or image consultant, might I recommend Conselle.)

Conselle Affiliates at Sundance Resort.L to R: Katya-Maria from California, Kathleen from Reno, Sarah, Colleen from Calgary, and Jill from Beijing.

As we stood in line after lunch to order coffee and chocolate, a snowboarder came up to us and asked, “Are you guys from out of town?” We responded, and then he says:

“You’ve got that cool style that can’t be from here.”

Compliment. Of. The. Week. In Utah, it’s an unfortunate reality that when you look around, you see quite a homogeneous style and people recognize it. I feel a responsibility to really bring it and improve the perception of how people in Utah dress. One person at a time, we can make a difference!

In other news, at the General Store, I found this darling orange wallet by Latico with the cutest pattern inside. Isn’t it fab? Orange is totally my new red.

As a Canadian living in America, it was really fun to connect with Colleen from Calgary and talk about the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the amazing coverage the CTV provided. Katya-Maria snapped this pic mid-convo.

Canadian Contingency: Colleen & Sarah at Sundance

Here’s a closer look at my new fave outfit.

What I Wore

  • Gap black turtleneck
  • Rust blazer – thrifted!
  • Gold necklace – gift from Greece
  • Paisley tunic from Nordstrom Rack
  • Vera Wang velvet leggings
  • Cognac boots from Nordstrom

I saw something similar in a Lucky Magazine a while back. The outfit has a very sportive, outdoors-y, equestrian riding look to it, wouldn’t you agree? The colors were so vibrant and made me feel alive. Totally in alignment with my personal style.

What have you been wearing recently that has been an expression of your personal style?

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2 thoughts on “What I Wore: Sundance Resort

  1. Sounds like a fun day! I LOVE Sundance. And I feel ya on the Utah people all dressing the same. But your right…one person at a time :) Love your style!!!!

  2. Isn't Sundance a blast? A great way to escape without going too far. Thanks for the lovely compliment, Becky! You have some darling one piece bathing suits on your blog right now :)

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