Wedding Wednesday What I Wore

This morning at 5:30am, I was at the Channel 2 studio downtown doing modeling bridesmaid dresses for Lily and Iris, the latest addition to Salt Lake City’s wedding industry. Perfect feature for today’s Wedding Wednesday!

(L to R: Lenni, Sarah, Abbie, Amanda, Hilary)

What I Wore:

  • Black and white chiffon dress
  • Bolero jacket
  • Clutch with rhinestone closure
  • Feather hairpiece

Considering it’s been 0*F recently, this black and white ensemble styled by Hilary is glamorous and warm, ideal for outdoor photo ops. The light bodice draws attention up and the bolero balances out the body, making it a great choice for women with fuller hips.

One of the things discussed on air this morning is how today’s bridesmaid dresses are no longer the “one and done” dresses. They can be worn again for evening wear, cocktail dresses, and even to the beach (if hemmed properly!).

Abbie’s aqua dress, Amanda’s fuschia silk dress, and the ensemble I wore are all available at Lily and Iris in downtown Salt Lake City.

To get the whole breakdown, you can watch the Channel 2 Lily and Iris segment here!

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