Wedding Wednesday: Rosalind and Blake’s Australian Wedding

Today on The Bride’s Cafe, I fell in love with Rosalind and Blake’s Australian wedding, captured by Sugar Love Weddings. It truly is delicious.

Rosalind’s gown is a custom couture gown by Hanna Couture. As she tells The Brides Cafe, “I knew I wanted something with a restrained, vintage feel and that I didn’t want any floral, shiny satin, beading or sequins.”

This wedding is practically the epitome of a vintage wedding. Isn’t it glorious?

5 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Rosalind and Blake’s Australian Wedding

  1. I love it! The circles are perfect. I made my own simple wedding dress 10 years ago, and felt so limited in my options. I didn't love my dress, and I'm still a little sad about it. It's wonderful to see things like this in answer to all of the main stream bead-heavy dresses.

  2. Kudos to you for making your own wedding dress, Leah, that must have been quite the undertaking. It's been ten years, perhaps it time to renew your vows in a new dress? Agreed, the simplicity of this gown is a breath of fresh air.

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