Wedding Wednesday: Introducing Enizio

Cable Car Couture recently caught up with Cynthia, the co-owner of Enizio, and have brought you the interview just in time for Wedding Wednesday.  If you’re not familiar with Enizio, you’re in for a real treat!  In that case, allow me to introduce Enizio.

Bridal hair and make-up design by Enizio.
Bridal hair and make-up design by Enizio.

Cable Car Couture: What is Enizio?
Enizio is a team of hair and makeup artists that work on location or in studio. We specialize in Bridal Hair and Makeup Design but we also work in Film, Print, Runway and one on one sessions in our studio such as cutting, coloring, makeup education, hair and eyelash extensions and permanent cosmetics.

CCC: How did Enizio begin?
E: Enizio started out as an onsite business. We, initially, were “kitchen artists” LOL. Our father advised us to find the clients first and then take on the overhead. We happened to be at the right place at the right time and met Hilary Anderson (owner of Alta Moda Bridal Boutique) and she introduced us to the bridal industry. Shortly after we quit the Kitchen business and embraced the bridal industry. From there we were able to take on film projects, photography and runway and then 3 years later, we opened our studio.
CCC: What services does Enizio provide?
E: Enizio is dedicated to all things hair and makeup. So whatever the need, we can do it!  We offer styling and makeup on-site and in our studio, we also offer traditional cutting, thermal cutting, coloring, waxing, makeup application and education, permanent cosmetics, eyelash extensions, Instant gratification hair treatments and education for the client on every level with all things hair and makeup.

Shoot with Beckstead - Hair & Make Up by Enizio
Shoot with Beckstead - Hair & Make Up by Enizio

CCC: What are some projects Enizio has participated in recently?
Some of my favorite projects would have to be “Shoot with Beckstead 2009” Hosted by Julie Parker. Its an event where the best photographers around the state and other parts of the country come to train with David Beckstead–The “It” wedding photographer. I love it because we are free in our design and we get some amazing shots! This year we were able to team up with Chad of Switch Salon and Keith Bryce from Project Runway to create some really amazing looks.

Another is creating the editorial spread for January’s issue of Utah Bride and Groom, which were still in the process of doing. We have had to stay within design limits but we have had so much fun designing and seeing the looks come together. The spread is based around hair and makeup so your in for a treat!
We also have been able to participate in the filming of Forever Strong, Gordon B. Hinckley–A Giant Among Us, and other local film projects thanks to Laurie Vuckich. Next week we will be filming the UT portion of  Bully Beatdown an MTV reality show. I’m really excited!

New York Photo Shoot with Enizio and Alta Moda
New York Photo Shoot with Enizio and Alta Moda

CCC: What are some trends you’re seeing in the bridal industry this year?
I had the chance to travel to New York with Hilary Anderson and Heidi Uhl for Bridal Fashion week. What I saw a lot of was bling bling and more bling. Bows, Flowers and Lace. I’m no gown expert but the fall is bringing in some great stuff. As far as hair, I try not to follow the trends. We design around the gown and the feel of the wedding in general. We try to keep it as classic as possible and try to bring in the trend with a hair accessory. Since your wedding pictures last a lifetime, we never want you to be embarrassed about how you chose to wear your hair! Editorial and Runway work–That’s a whole different ball park. This year, Stuffed birds in the hair! LOL! I’m not even joking!

Thanks to Cynthia and Carol of Enizio!  If you are in the Utah area and need professional hair and make-up for your wedding day, Enizio is definitely the way to go.  You can visit them online at and check out their blog at
Here’s some other beautiful samples of Enizio’s work.
Aren’t these hair designs beautiful?  Which would you do (or redo!) for your wedding day?
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