Wear One Piece Five Ways

At a time when money is tight, fashion stylist Sarah Ward shows you how to maximize your clothing dollar by increasing the number of ways you can wear the clothes in your closet with this Wear One Piece Five Ways segment.

Just because an item of clothing is designed as a skirt doesn’t meant that’s the only way you can wear it. Today’s Wear One Piece Five Ways segment shows the versatility of a skirt and demonstrates how this tribal skirt from Forever21 can be worn as a dress, a tube top, and even a scarf! Click for more on how to wear a tribal print skirt.

Recently I saw some tips on how to wear a chambray shirt from Nordstrom on Pinterest and it inspired this Wear One Piece Five Ways segment. Chambray is ultra versatile and can be dressed up or down. Styling this chambray shirt from Forever 21, click here for more on how to wear a chambray shirt five ways.

For the Valentines Day edition of Wear One Piece Five Ways, I’m featuring this vivid red blazer from the modbod store at University Mall. Instead of most notched lapels you find on a blazer, this one has a shawl collar is decidedly more feminine. Click here five ways you can wear a red jacket.

This Wear One Piece Five Ways segment features an obi belt which comes from the Japanese — present in both kimonos and karate. An obi belt is a long piece of fabric that can be tied in various ways. Today’s tutorial features a vintage leather obi belt purchased on Etsy. Even though the obi belt has ancient origins, it’s on trend this season and can be found everywhere from Saks Fifth Avenue to Forever 21.

This Wear One Piece Five Ways segment featured a basic black long sleeve tee from the modbod to show you just how versatile it is. Click here for more!

This brown V-neck from modbod is more versatile than you may expect! Click here for more.

The red Belle skirt is eye-catching and dramatic, and as you can see, it’s a really versatile piece. Plus, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. With a fuller skirt, it can nicely accommodate women with fuller hips and thighs. Even a gal with wider athletic shoulders will appreciate the flare since it will help balance their body.

The gray lacey front cami is ultra soft and can be worn in lots of fun ways. The lace texture gives the piece some great visual interest, making it a great way to spice up a simple outfit. It’s nice and long (great for gals like me with a long torso) so you’ll be sure to get plenty of coverage.

When you think of professional attire, is a traditional navy blue pantsuit with a predictable white collared dress shirt the first thing that comes to mind? It very well may be! As an image consultant, I’m happy to tell you that dressing professionally doesn’t need to be boring or predictable. For 2011, let’s infuse personal style into your business attire.