Wear One Piece Five Ways: Obi Belt

Here at Cable Car Couture we’re starting a regular blog series called Wear One Piece Five Ways where you’ll get ideas on how to maximize the clothing you already have by wearing them different ways. To kick things off, our first segment features an obi belt which comes from the Japanese — present in both kimonos and karate.

An obi belt is a long piece of fabric that can be tied in various ways. For today’s tutorial, I used a vintage leather obi belt purchased on Etsy. Even though the obi belt has ancient origins, it’s a trend this season — I saw one last week at Forever 21 for $6!

Do you have an obi belt? How do you tie yours?

2 thoughts on “Wear One Piece Five Ways: Obi Belt

  1. You will love adding the obi belt dimension to your wardrobe! It’s such a softer looking belt than most and is lovely. If you can sew in straight lines you could probably fashion one yourself. The obi I saw at F21 had tassels on the end as a fun detail. Hopefully they’re still there!

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