Wear It Like Beckham: Victoria and Daughter Harper

Considering Victoria Beckham recently gave birth to daughter Harper Seven, you have to admit she is looking fabulous. After having three boys, you can tell she’s thrilled to have a girl — Harper on her hip is┬áher newest accessory.

Photo: www.graziadaily.co.uk/

Baby Beckham already is benefitting from her mum’s styling ways.

Side note: It’s not surprising to note that Beckham has added extensions to channel more femininity into her personal style.

Victoria Beckham gives me hope that when I become a mom I’ll do it in style.

Whose style do you admire?

One thought on “Wear It Like Beckham: Victoria and Daughter Harper

  1. I LOVE Victoria's style! She's one of my fave. I've always loved her clean lines and always elegant and chic outfits, but since she started to rock those pencil skirts with tall boots, she's been an icon and a inspiration! And she looks amazing being a mother of four!

    Jenny http://www.jensoutfitjournal.com

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