Update Your Winter College Wardrobe with Accessories

Here’s a post I wrote for My Colleges and Careers on updating a college wardrobe — and any wardrobe for that matter! Enjoy!

Have you ever looked inside your closet and decided that you hated everything and were going to buy a whole new wardrobe? Me, too. Unfortunately starting fresh isn’t realistic for a college student on a budget. What’s a girl to do? The way to update your winter college wardrobe with limited funds is simple: accessories. Far more economical than a new closet full of clothes, accessories can breathe new life into your closet. And you can chalk it up to back to school supplies, right?

Here are some updates to consider:

  1. Glasses. Go for the smart chick look a la Tina Fey with a pair of plastic frames, even if you see 20/20. While they may or may not improve your grade, the Vision Council of America says that people who wear glasses look intelligent. For some sex appeal, you can always bite the end of your pen in class and catch that cute boy’s eye across the row. :)
  2. Headbands. With fun trends like feather and flower headbands to choose from, nab some darling feather headbands to update your look. Complement the colors you’ve got: if you wear a lot of red, a red feather headband will pull your outfits together nicely.
  3. Jewelry. With shops like Forever 21, you can grab a handful of jewelry  for $20. Layered necklaces are hot right now and can jazz up a simple shirt with very little effort.
  4. Hats. With newsboy caps and fedoras to choose from, hats aren’t just for bad hair days anymore. To get the most bang for your buck, snag a hat in a neutral color so you can pair it with lots of outfit combinations.
  5. Belts. There’s no better way to cinch a waist than with a belt. You can wear a belt over a cardigan sweater, or a cable knit tunic sweater for a creative look. If you want to get creative, a scarf or man’s tie can also double for a belt.

Don’t hesitate to check out your local thrift shop for second hand pieces. They may be just what your pocketbook ordered.

2 thoughts on “Update Your Winter College Wardrobe with Accessories

  1. I adore accessories!!!
    Nautical, layered necklaces, vintage 20's, pearls, sparkle, flowers, bohemian chic, reinvented 70's, brushed gold, shiny gold, chocolate gold, rose gold, silver, hematite, it's all in style right now!!!

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