Two-Toned Nail Polish

After I saw this gradient glitter photo on Pinterest, I’ve been dying to dry glitter overtop of a solid nail polish. So when I saw these rust-colored Deborah Lippmann polishes at Nordstrom, I knew I couldn’t leave without them.

deborah lippmann nail polish: brick house and superstar

Since the Superstar polish was pretty thick on its own, the gradient polish idea turned two-toned instead, but still turned out beautifully.

featuring max's tail.

Turns out this polish matches my thrifted rust blazer practically perfectly!

What can I say? Orange is taking over my life. And I love it.

Here’s the photo I was inspired by originally:

What color are you wearing on your fingers?

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6 Responses to Two-Toned Nail Polish

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love the look! I tried it, too, but it just ended up looking like a glitter topcoat. Oh well, love the orange nails!

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  2. Ditto, Rebecca! A couple months ago when getting a mani, I asked the guy to try this trend but he wouldn\’t saying it would just look like a glitter topcoat. Guess that\’s not too encouraging when even the pros say it won\’t work. Oh well! Glitter topcoats are glam and two-toned works just fine for me.


  3. Shopaholic says:

    Thanks for your comment– im a bit in love with owls too!! Love the nail polish– just bought a cute chiffon skirt from forever21 that would match!

    xo ash

  4. Thanks, Ash! I bought the same pleated rust colored chiffon skirt from F21 a couple weeks ago! I need to post about it… Isn\’t it darling?


  5. Nice! i like your nail color and the glittery effect. I wish i could apply nail colors so perfectly like yours.


  6. Thanks Mongs! My right hand invariably turns out better than my left :) It was fun to explore your thrift blog — you\’ve got a great eye.


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