Would you like to cultivate your personal style, discover new outfits in your closet, and have a professional image consultant take you shopping? Here are testimonials from people who have worked with Sarah Ward of Cable Car Couture and had terrific results!

Hilary ParisI hired a Personal Trainer for my style, Sarah Ward. I felt really vulnerable bringing someone into my private closet to take a closer look at everything I own. As I went through each piece with her, it amazed me at how easy it was to let go. Every time I said good bye to a pair of lulu pants from ’08 (it was a good year), I felt a little lighter, more energized. It felt so good.

Once I had a good look at all the stuff and things I had acquired, I realized I had been hanging on to so much, and not just in the physical realm. Purging tangible items helped me shed the intangible items as well. I let go of guilt, shame, toxic relationships, “New Year’s Resolutions…”

After five hours of intense purging, I felt a sense of lightness and renewal. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I have felt that way. Bliss.

Hilary Paris, Personal Trainer

dana strawThank you so much for the closet consultation session – it was amazing!! I cannot believe how much we got done during our time together.  Your keen eye was pivotal in figuring out which items in my closet had either “seen better days” or were worth saving with some small alteration (who knew changing buttons could change a jacket so much!!).  Your assessment on my body shape and what types/how I should be wearing them were invaluable. It has helped me pick new outfits from my own closet and in general feel more confident about how I am dressing.  The overall session was really amazing – can’t say that enough.….you were an absolutely a joy to work with.

— Dana Straw, Director of Marketing, Microsoft

Working with Sarah is like being able to channel your favorite fashion magazine for real-life inspiration — I loved brainstorming outfit ideas with her and talking out what statement I’d be making with each ensemble. Discussing the psychology behind fashion was an eye-opener for me, and Sarah has such a good eye for fun clothes and current trends.

— Lyndsey Wells, The Stationery Place

Sarah was awesome! She helped me get rid of all the old clothes I didn’t really want or need anymore, and after that helped me find a great new wardrobe to fit my personality and body type. I feel more stylish and confident already.

— Kevin West, Software Engineer

I hired Sarah to come to my house and “shop my closet“. Wow! What an experience! She helped me to identify many new outfits that were hidden in my closet… It was like magic. I was anticipating having to spend a lot of money to improve my wardrobe, but actually there are only a few items that I need to add. Best of all, she has helped me to step in line with outfits that will be more authentic to my natural self. If you are looking for professional image consulting, I highly recommend meeting with Sarah. Best money ever spent!

— Jennifer Armitstead, Super Career Girl

My eStyling session with Sarah was so easy, fun, and incredibly helpful! In our 15 minutes together, Sarah gave me great ideas that fit perfectly with the looks I was trying to create. Sarah didn’t impose her personal style–I felt like each of her suggestions reflected an understanding of how want to dress, and that personal touch was so valuable. I can’t recommend an eStyling session enough! It’s such a fun and simple way to access Sarah’s genius, and you’ll see the results in how you look and feel about yourself in your clothes!

– Amy Hackworth, Writer

I learned SO much about my body shape. There is nothing like having an expert come shopping with you and pulling a wardrobe together. She picked things off the rack that I would have just walked by and they look fabulous on me! Not to mention we got some killer deals!! I highly recommend every woman having something like this done. So worth her fee. Plus we had a BLAST!

— Amy Anderson, Entrepreneur, Fresco Chocolate

Sarah was fantastic.  She helped me see potential in my own wardrobe that I had never suspected could be there.  When helping me shop for a professional wardrobe, she offered sound advice while being sensitive and tailoring her suggestions to my preferences and personality.

— Jessica Andrew, Attorney

I met one-on-one with Sarah prior to the training and was very impressed with her professional demeanor as well as her in-depth knowledge and expertise in image consulting.  She really knows her stuff and she knows how to present it — a consummate professional.  She conducted the training in a way that really added value to our students and I noticed that many sought her advice after the presentation.

— Tad Brinkerhoff, Executive MBA Program Director, Brigham Young University

Dawn Weidauer Makeup Artist and Stylist

As a professional in the makeup and style industry, I know the value of looking and feeling one’s best. Despite having a closet of great clothes, I was feeling like I had nothing to wear. I called on Sarah to help me put new outfits together, organize my closet and to identify the wardrobe pieces I was missing. We went through each piece of my clothing and she amazed me with her ability to efficiently put outfits together with different options in shoes and accessories. I now have a “look book” I can refer to when I am feeling uninspired at what to wear. I think everyone needs a fresh approach to their closet- it certainly helped me! Sarah is kind, quick and very professional.

— Dawn Weidauer, Professional Makeup Artist, Redefine Your Image

Sarah Ward’s innate ability to assess her client’s needs with professionalism and flair makes her the perfect consultant! I have seen her in person and witnessed her presentations — she is like magic and has a true love and passion for what she does!

— Debbie Svay Savage, Jewelry Designer, Baby Emi Jewelry

I adore Sarah! She is a breath of fresh air. She knows instinctively how to blend fashion, function, and class. I would recommend her services to anyone!

— Laura Dugovic, professional photographer

Sarah is a remarkable combination of skill, heart, and charm! Her professional expertise is unparalleled, and her personal attention to the needs of her clients is nothing short of inspiring!

— Tara Starling, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Sarah Ward exudes professionalism. Her presentations are well put together, well researched and very informative. Her experience, personal style and ability to keep up with current trends make her a fantastic consultant. I recommend Sarah as an Image Management Consultant and speaker.

— Michelle McCollough, Professional Speaker and Success Coach

Sarah Ward is both a verbal and nonverbal exemplar of the very subject matter she teaches. Her presence, speech, mannerisms, and heart communicate professionalism, competence, and decency. Coupled with a stylish package, this “Renaissance Woman” effortlessly blends expertise and kindness. Sarah’s life purpose is elevating people to live their best personal and professional lives. She operates from a place of abundance and I salute her generosity.

— LisaMarie Luccioni, Communications and Image Professor, University of Cincinnati

Sarah Ward has got it all together!  Her expertise and experience allow her to consult with confidence and competence.  Her polished presentations provide “take home tips” that can be used today to create a polished, confident image on Monday morning.

— Merrie Hudson, Executive National Vice President with Arbonne International and founder of The GatherRing

You have upped my self esteem with what little you shared with me.
— Kaye Lopez, Accountant

I was nervous about my photo shoot for my new album until Sarah Ward came on board as stylist.  Fashion is not really my forte so Sarah helped me find pieces that were right for me, right for the album, and right for the camera.  And all of this on a budget too!  I like that Sarah focuses on finding pieces that fit not only your body and coloring, but also who you are as a person.  I felt totally comfortable shopping with Sarah because I knew she had taken the time to understand me.  She was a lifesaver.

Debra Fotheringham, singer/songwriter

Sarah knows her stuff!  She truly has an eye for seeing those things about our businesses — both building and employee — that send those undesired and unintended messages to our customers that hold us back.  Her recommendations are not for expensive makeovers either.  Most things can be taken care of right away and get you moving forward in a VERY short manner.  Sarah is one in a million!
Rod Martin, World Class Auto Service

Sarah Ward is an incredibly talented woman. I’ve had her speak at professional events for women entrepreneurs, hired her personally to style my wardrobe and assist with projects and have consistently been impressed with her ability to deliver beyond my expectations and fulfill the roles beautifully. I highly recommend her in any capacity — marketing, social media, image consulting, and event planning, she’s done it all for me with attention to detail and grace.
— Kelly King Anderson, Startup Princess

Sarah has such a flair for fashion.  Her enthusiasm for style and her joy in helping others feel and look better, prompted me to put my trust in her expertise.  With positive suggestions and encouraging ideas, she is helping me transform my boring business look to a classy colorful wardrobe.  I feel better about myself and the change has increased my confidence.  She has taught me how to dress “happy.”
— Susan Glenn, Event Planner, Date Night for 2

Since you helped me get a “style” I now love wearing REAL clothes.  My wife also likes seeing me “LOOKING SMART” go figure!  Guys, Sarah can help.
— Warren Goudreau, Travel Agent, What a Deal Travel

I have known and worked with Sarah for years and she rocks.  She has always presented herself with astonishing professionalism, caring enthusiam, and timely response.  I highly recommend working with her.
— Lisa J. Peck, Business Coach, Step It Up Queen

A lot of people might think they don’t have enough money for an image consultant. In my opinion, you don’t have enough money to not hire Sarah! She helped my wife find the right clothes at the right price. Far more affordable than wasting money on clothes that end up in the back of the closet or on the rack at a thrift store. Best of all, my wife feels great when she wears the right clothes and that to me is priceless!
— Dave Kaylor, Instructor, CompactFirearms.com

Sarah took my wife out shopping.  She spent way more time than she needed,
charged much less than she should have, and not only did she make her feel
like a goddess, she made her feel like a friend.
– Randy Archibald, Car Snobs

I have hired Sarah a couple of times to help my wife. When my wife was pregnant, I decided to have Sarah help her pick out outfits that would look great as well as somethings she could wear after pregnancy. I could not recommend enough the service and job that Sarah does. My wife loved the style and outfits that were chosen and wore them with confidence knowing a “specialist” had chosen them for her! You will not find more for your money.
— Dr. David Kimball, Kimball Chiropractic

I have had so much fun.  I feel all kinds of inspired to spice up my wardrobe thanks to you.  I also have all of these projects that I feel inspired to do now.  You helped me to see what my style is.  What style clothes I like as well as bedspreads.  Thank you for inspiring me and helping me get my creative juices going.  This has been great!
— Marianne, Highland, Utah

Sarah has got great taste and an eye for finding things that I never would’ve even considered trying on.  I intentionally had her come with me shopping because I wanted to add some new pieces to my already existing collection of classic pieces.  She found things that were colorful, stylish and practical in both style and price.  These fabulous pieces have been integrated into my wardrobe and I have had countless compliments on how great they look on me!  I feel young and hip.  Thanks to you Sarah!
— Jean, Life Coach and Art Teacher, Vancouver, Canada

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