What I Wore: Channeling My Inner Rock Star

Earlier this summer, we went to see Mat Kearney open up for Owl City at In The Venue. While I wouldn’t recommend the venue, the music was sensational! The lead singer of Owl City was wearing a black collared shirt with a vest, dark jeans and a white belt. He looked pretty styling and I have to admit, I’m channeling a little of Adam Young of Owl City with this outfit. I was meeting with a music producer and a singer/songwriter, so it was perfectly appropriate.

What I Wore

  • Shades – American Eagle (on sale!)
  • Cowl neck top – sample sale
  • Dove necklace – blue bijou jewelry
  • Vest – RW&Co.
  • Allow me to introduce you to Lola, my 60’s reissued pink Fender Strat – Tom Lee Music
  • Charcoal skinny pants – Gap
  • Taupe heels – Vianni Collection

What does your inner rock star look like?

Essie Merino Cool Nail Polish Outfit Inspiration

For the last week, I have been wearing Merino Cool nail polish by Essie, a gorgeous blend of gray and purple. If you’ve noticed a lot of purple in my clothing palette recently, that’s why. Great outfits have come together that have been inspired by my nail polish.

What I Wore

  • Gray boatneck tee – RW&Co.
  • Empire waist floral applique top – Nordstrom Rack
  • Gray really skinny pants – Gap
  • Booties – Macy’s
  • Nail polish – Essie Merino Cool

What nail polish are you wearing right now?

What I Wore: Grape Tree

(Yes, I’m fully aware that grapes don’t actually grow on trees.)

This silhouette I will never tire of. It is timelessly feminine.

What I Wore

  • Purple v-neck – Gap. A lot of the time I don’t just wear a T-shirt to church, but the accessories and tailored skirt definitely dress it up for a more Sunday best feel.
  • Layered bronze necklace – Forever21
  • Beige pencil skirt with slit – thrifted. This is one of my favorite skirts and I found it at a thrift store in Salt Lake City for $1. Unreal!
  • Taupe pumps – Vianni Collection, found in Downtown Vancouver

What are you wearing this fine Sunday?

What I Wore: Professional Polka Dots

What I Wore

  • Lock and pearl necklace – blue bijou jewelry
  • Polka dot pussybow blouse – Maxmara, traded
  • Black scoope neck T-shirt – Jacob
  • Vest – RW&Co. I searched far and wide for this vest and finally found it in Vancouver when I was there for Christmas. Some of my best pieces are Canadian!
  • Watch – Fossil
  • Denim slacks – Jacob
  • Buckled flats – NY&Co., thrifted

It’s amazing how new combinations come together in the closet when you’re looking for them! The polka dot blouse was a great combination with the textured vest and since they share the same color scheme with a pattern scale that goes from tiny to small, it works beautifully!

What I Wore: Turquoise Accents

What I Wore

  • Wide-brim hat – Banana Republic. Wide-brim hats are a must for any woman’s wardrobe who wants to protect her skin from the sun!
  • Turquoise necklace – Blue Bijou Jewelry
  • White collared shirt – Red House
  • Belt – Target
  • Red linen skirt – Smart Set (Canadian store). Want good air flow during the summer? Wear skirts, especially those made of linen.
  • Embellished turquoise sandals – Famous Footwear. FF can be hit or miss, but this was a definite hit! Rubber flip flops are a no go for work, but I see nothing wrong with embellished sandals in a relaxed work environment.

I liked this picture so much it’s my new Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profile pic. Are you on Google+ as well? Let’s connect!

What did you wear today?

What I Wore: Houndstooth and Red

Don’t you love it when your outfit matches your artwork? That’s when you know you are dressing and living authentically.

Last night we went out for dinner with some friends at California Pizza Kitchen (might I recommend the Thai chicken pizza? Sensational!) and had a grand old time.

What I Wore

  • Houndstooth scarf – Olive and Tweed. This is one of my fave ways to wear a scarf. Click here for a scarf video tutorial.
  • Houndstooth earrings – Made by Jewls
  • Gray boatneck tee – RW&Co. (Another fab Canadian clothing company that I wish we had access to in the US of A)
  • Red patent purse – Guess
  • Watch – Fossil
  • Bootcut dark wash jeans – Banana Republic
  • Red open toe shoes – Franco Sarto. A few weeks back the girls got together for mani’s and pedi’s. I got gold polish over a gorgeous Opi color which magically chameleons towards red with these shoes.

What’s your go-to outfit for a night out with friends?

What I Wore: Sundance Resort

This week I’ve had the pleasure of hosting four dynamic women in town to get certified through Conselle’s Educational-Training for image consultants. On Wednesday, we all piled into my compact car and headed up to Sundance Resort for a delicious lunch at the Foundry Gill, a little shopping at the general store, and sight-seeing. (Side bar: if you’re considering become a fashion stylist or image consultant, might I recommend Conselle.)

Conselle Affiliates at Sundance Resort.L to R: Katya-Maria from California, Kathleen from Reno, Sarah, Colleen from Calgary, and Jill from Beijing.

As we stood in line after lunch to order coffee and chocolate, a snowboarder came up to us and asked, “Are you guys from out of town?” We responded, and then he says:

“You’ve got that cool style that can’t be from here.”

Compliment. Of. The. Week. In Utah, it’s an unfortunate reality that when you look around, you see quite a homogeneous style and people recognize it. I feel a responsibility to really bring it and improve the perception of how people in Utah dress. One person at a time, we can make a difference!

In other news, at the General Store, I found this darling orange wallet by Latico with the cutest pattern inside. Isn’t it fab? Orange is totally my new red.

As a Canadian living in America, it was really fun to connect with Colleen from Calgary and talk about the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the amazing coverage the CTV provided. Katya-Maria snapped this pic mid-convo.

Canadian Contingency: Colleen & Sarah at Sundance

Here’s a closer look at my new fave outfit.

What I Wore

  • Gap black turtleneck
  • Rust blazer – thrifted!
  • Gold necklace – gift from Greece
  • Paisley tunic from Nordstrom Rack
  • Vera Wang velvet leggings
  • Cognac boots from Nordstrom

I saw something similar in a Lucky Magazine a while back. The outfit has a very sportive, outdoors-y, equestrian riding look to it, wouldn’t you agree? The colors were so vibrant and made me feel alive. Totally in alignment with my personal style.

What have you been wearing recently that has been an expression of your personal style?

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What I Wore: Chinese New Year

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Sarah and Eric exchange red envelopes.

To celebrate Chinese New Year and the incoming year of the Rabbit, my husband’s office brought in Chinese food for lunch on Thursday. Since Eric spent several years living in Taiwan, and I look for every excuse to embrace my Chinese heritage, Eric and I talked about dressing up in traditional Chinese garb to ring in the New Year. It just so happened we both wore blue!

Eric was telling us that during Chinese New Year in Taiwan, they shut down the country for two weeks to eat and party! I could go for some of that, couldn’t you?

What I wore:

  • Royal blue cheongsam blouse. The cheongsam is also a one-piece dress, made famous by upperclass Shanghai women in the 1920s.
  • Jade bracelet. It’s very common to see Chinese women wear jade bracelets like this one. The Chinese believe that jade will protect them, that the jade will break before they are hurt. Needless to say, after our car accident, I now have a jade pendant in my car.
  • Black slacks
  • Black boots

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Do you have any fun traditions?

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Let’s party like it’s 4709!

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Mod Bod Giveaway: Wear One Piece Five Ways

The Mod Bod is a local clothing company dedicated to providing great quality modest clothes. We’re excited to bring you a giveaway for two popular Mod Bod pieces, the flared Belle skirt in red, and the lace front cami in gray.

To give you a preview of my upcoming class on How to Wear One Piece Five Ways, here are five different ideas of how to wear each piece.

The red Belle skirt is eye-catching and dramatic, and as you can see, it’s a really versatile piece. Plus, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. With a fuller skirt, it can nicely accommodate women with fuller hips and thighs. Even a gal with wider athletic shoulders will appreciate the flare since it will help balance their body.

Outfits from L to R — Outfit A: Belle skirt with print shirt. Outfit B: Skirt with white button down shirt. Outfit C: Skirt with black turtleneck and apron. Outfit D: Skirt with floral ruffle top. Outfit E: Skirt with black tee and white cardigan.

The gray lacey front cami is ultra soft and can be worn in lots of fun ways. The lace texture gives the piece some great visual interest, making it a great way to spice up a simple outfit. It’s nice and long (great for gals like me with a long torso) so you’ll be sure to get plenty of coverage.

Outfits from L to R — Outfit A: Gray cami with pink boyfriend cardi and black skinny jeans. Outfit B: Cowl neck top with cami, black skinny jeans, and suede boots. Outfit C: Purple cardigan, fishnet scarf, cami, gray jeans. Outfit D: Cropped jacket with cami and blue skinny jeans. Outfit E: Orange tunic with cami and black skinny jeans.

Buy It

If you can’t wait to get your hands on these fabulous pieces, you can purchase the Belle Skirt and Lacey Front Cami online at www.themodbod.com or from the Mod Bod University Mall store.

Win It

One lucky winner will snag these two Mod Bod pieces in their size! To enter the contest, follow the rules below.

Main Entry: Tell us which outfit you like best!

  • 2nd entry: Fan The Mod Bod and Follow @modbod on Twitter.
  • 3rd entry: Become a fan of Cable Car Couture on Facebook and follow @cablecarcouture on Twitter.
  • 4thth entry: Share the love and announce the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter!
    • Facebook Example: Enter to win fantastic Mod Bod clothes with Cable Car Couture! http://bit.ly/eVI5G9
    • Twitter Example: Enter to win fantastic @modbod clothes on @CableCarCouture! http://bit.ly/eVI5G9 #giveaway
  • 5th entry: Tell us how you would like to style the pieces if you won them!
  • Please leave one comment per entry.

The contest ends on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at midnight. Let’s hear it from you!

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Blog Disclosure: Cable Car Couture received free product for writing a review for Mod Bod.

What I Wore: Mod Bod Giveaway Preview

We have a giveaway with the Mod Bod coming up and today’s outfit will give you a sneak peek!

What I Wore

This color red is glorious, the skirt is super comfortable, and it even has pockets. Stay tuned for the Mod Bod giveaway!

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