Short Hair Sunday: Quincy Murphy

In an effort to connect the short hair sisters of the world, each week for Short Hair Sunday, we’re going to feature a woman who is embracing her fierceness and femininity with short hair. This week is Quincy Murphy, hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Having short hair makes me feel: 
like I am actually presenting myself accurately: free and adventurous.

What made you decide to cut your hair? 
It was time for change. I hadn’t seen many curly short hair cuts and upon realizing it would actually look really good, I just went for it. Call me silly, but I found a piece of my identity through cutting my hair short. Finally, my hair matched my personality.

My short hair icon is:
Tegan Quin

My favorite hair product is: 
Garnier Fructis: Surf Hair

If you could give one piece of advice to women considering short hair, what would it be? 
Your hair will always grow back. In other words: go for it! Short hair is in and often brings out a beauty you never knew you had. If it just doesn’t work for you, you can at least check short hair off your list and let it grow back.

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