Short Hair Sunday: First Look at Short Hair Series with Matt Vee


Earlier this summer my photographer friend Matt Villanueva asked me, “How many ways do you think you could style your hair?” We decided to take this as a challenge and this series was born. Here’s a sneak peek at Look #1: Forward.

We had such a remarkable team involved in the project! Matt is actually a featured RAW Artist as well for an upcoming exhibition on October 15, 2015. Go buy a ticket and support local artists!

Can’t wait to show you the rest!!!

Tank by TopShop.


Scarlett Johansson on the Red Carpet at the 2015 Oscars

Photo: Splash / Getty

Scarlett Johansson topped the list for best dressed at the Oscars on Sunday night in this emerald Versace gown and statement beaded necklace.

Scarlett’s Short Hair


It wasn’t just her dress that had heads turning but her hair as well. Her edgy undercut garnered tons of attention on the red carpet! It has me itching to buzz the sides of my hair again.

Photo: Splash

Who was your vote for best dressed on the red carpet?

Portrait of an Undercut | Short Hair

This week I got a refresher haircut at Rudy’s Barbershop in Belltown from Sarah and got this badass undercut. It follows my left ear in a C shape and is definitively edgy. Seattle photographer Sean Gumm kindly took this lovely portrait for me.

Last month I got my feet wet with an undercut which wasn’t quite as defined so I panicked after seeing how short it was. That said, I’ve warmed to it considerably and have gotten a TON of compliments on it.

The perks of an undercut? You can easily conceal it by letting the longer layers fall over the shorter hair. And when you want to be edgy, slick it over. And if it’s too short, it’ll grow out in no time.

The drawbacks is that you need to get it cut even more often than regular short hair to keep it up. But your hairstylist may have bang trim options for $5 or so to keep it fresh.

Short hair sisters, have you embraced the undercut?

Short Hair Sunday: Giselle Latta

In an effort to connect the short hair sisters of the world, each week for Short Hair Sunday, we’re going to feature a woman who is embracing her fierceness and femininity with short hair. This week is Giselle Latta hailing from Brisbane, Australia!

short hair sisters - giselle latta 3

Having short hair makes me feel: Liberated

What made you decide to cut your hair?
I felt like a change and embracing my inner confidence with an outward expression of the same. I have always loved the pixie cut and think its feminine and sassy. No more hiding behind the obvious femininity of long hair! I cut my hair from a bob to a pixie in April and have LOVED it. I’ve had so many people comment positively – and even a few embrace the pixie do for themselves!

short hair sunday giselle - before and after

My short hair icon is: Ginnifer Goodwin

short hair sisters - ginnifer goodwin

de lorenzo mud slide - short hair productsMy favorite hair product is: De Lorenzo Mud Slide

If you could give one piece of advice to women considering short hair, what would it be?
Do it! Take pictures with you & talk to your hair stylist. Take the plunge into pixie nirvana – it’s liberating :-)

short hair sisters - giselle latta - 2

Check out Giselle’s blog and Pinterest!

short hair sisters - giselle latta collage

If you’d like to be featured on Short Hair Sunday, complete our submission form here then email photos of you rocking your short hair to sarah [at] cablecarcouture [dot] com. You can also become a contributor to the pinboard Short Hair Sisters and share!

Daily Outfit – On the Street Where You Live

Bloggosphere, it has been forever. You know how when life happens your blog suffers? My darling cat needed a medical procedure recently so he required more love and nurturing, plus I’ve been freelance Editorial Styling at zulily so have been juggling the demands.

This weekend I found myself on the street I grew up and with all the memories that can be found in this place, it made me think of the jazz song, On the Street Where You Live.

Glasses: Tortoise and Blonde | Earrings: catbird NYC | Moto jacket: Nordstrom | T-shirt: Shade Clothing [sadly out of business] | Necklace: LOFT | Watch: Fossil | Skirt: Soel Boutique | Shoes: Born

Where did you grow up? What memories come flooding back when you step foot in your old neighborhoods?

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Short Hair Sunday: Do Blondes or Brunettes Have More Fun?

Admittedly, I am obsessed with short hair. While it’s been a long time coming, I’m starting a weekly blog series devoted to short hair and today is its inaugural post!

Here are some darling short haircuts I’ve seen recently on Instagram!

Source: @adripaige / @thom_life / @nothingbutpixies / @hellooangie

Source: @salaciouscat / @najahliketheriver / @jennybeanz24@makingitlovely

Time for you to weigh in — do blondes or brunettes have more fun with short hair?

Sunday Style: Black Sabbath

Pink and black has long been one of my favorite color combinations. On my 8th birthday, I can clearly remember running around in a bathing suit that was bright pink with black polka dots and a cute little peplum (for heaven’s sake, I’d wear that today). Recently I’ve had an insatiable craving for bright pink and satisfied it with this new Revlon nail polish and pink Clinique lipstick. Of course, a little pink goes a long way. What better to pair it with than all black!

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack | Tank top: Adea | Necklace: blue bijou | Leather skirt: Thrifted, Value Village | Tights: [somewhere] | Booties: Macy’s

In truth, after a rough week I was really dressing in black to match my mood. And I love the edge of leather, bright pink, and a faux hawk. Besides, dressing in black makes me feel like a Seattlite. (And according to my outfits page, I seem to wear more black than I realize…)

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Calling All Short Hair Sisters: Short Hair 360*

Hey short hair sisters! Do you rock a short haircut? Want to be featured on the next edition of Short Hair Sisters? Send me a pic of your short haircut from all four angles to by May 15, 2013. Short hair would be considered anything chin-length and shorter.

(Hint: Having trouble with the layout? You can create this type of collage in or the app PhotoGrid, among others. Worst case scenario, send me images of the four photos to be stitched together.)

Short Hair Inspiration: Undercut

The last time I got my haircut with the lovely Sophia Simone, we tried something new — the undercut. The undercut been all the rage with short hair recently and is typified by longer layers on the top and a shorter buzz along the back and sides. (Plus she showed me how to achieve a sweet lift in my hair — more on that another day.)

Sophia & Sarah - twinsies!
The undercut style is easy to grow out since the longer layers will cover the shorter buzz. Plus, it’s got an edginess that can’t be denied so if you’re into an edgy rock and roll look, give the undercut a try.

Here are some of my undercut inspirations from Pinterest:

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

So short hair sisters, would you try an undercut?