College Fashion: Spring 2011 Fashion Trends to Try

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Spring 2011 fashion is all about embracing the 70s! From flared jeans, to maxi dresses, crochet, and wedge shoes, the 70s are back! If you want to try some spring trends, here’s how to incorporate them into your wardrobe this season.

Sienna Miller loves her oxford shoes! Photos: University Chic
  1. Oxford shoes. Borrowed from menswear, oxford shoes are a fresh take on flats. You can dress them up or down, pairing them with your skinny jeans, girly skirts and dresses, or even shorts.
  2. Flared jeans. If you are tired of skinny jeans, flared jeans and wide-leg pants will be a welcome change. These styles are far more forgiving to womens’ bodies, balancing a fuller caboose or hips nicely and adding volume to smaller frames.
  3. Maxi skirts and dresses. These floor-skimming styles work with so many more figure types than the mini! For maximum versatility, layer tops and jackets over your maxi dress.
  4. Chambray shirts. This denim button down style shirt looks terrific tucked into your floral skirts, with rolled up chinos, or even jean shorts. Denim on denim is huge this spring! Belt it to show off your curves.
  5. Honeysuckle

    Color. Step a little out of your comfort zone and embrace colors like coral, orange, peach, lavender, aqua, chartreuse, or Pantone’s color of the year, honeysuckle.

  6. Layered necklaces. Twice is nice applies to layering necklaces. Layering long necklaces together looks fab. The rule: wear necklaces of different lengths in the same metal together. Keep in mind it looks best if the shorter necklaces have smaller pendants and the longer necklaces have larger pendants.
  7. Trench coats. Every spring, the classic trench coat comes back into vogue. Rather than wearing the standard khaki version, opt for a trench in a vibrant green, yellow, or pink. Some trenches even incorporate ruffles and bubble skirt styles to make it memorable.
  8. Crochet. To add some depth and texture to your look, crochet is a great way to go. You can embrace crochet in a vest, oversize sweater, or even jewelry.
  9. Wedge shoes. You’ll swear heels have never been so comfortable when you slip on a pair of wedge shoes!
  10. Lace. We’re not talking a little peek-a-boo lingerie lace, but incorporating lace into your accessories like this necklace from LiveInStyle.
LiveInStyle lace necklace.

What fashion trends will you be trying this spring?

Trend Alert: Wingtip Brogues

By Sarah Ward and Judith Rasband

John Lewis Deconstructed Brogues
John Lewis Deconstructed Brogues

A hot shoe trend we’ve begun seeing this year are wingtip brogues.  If you see them worn, you may mistake them for a woman wearing her boyfriend’s shoes since wingtip brogues are a classic shoe style for men.  The good news is that they can work for women as well.

Wingtip shoes, also known as brogues, get their name from the toe cap that forms a “W”, which resembles a bird spreading its wings.  Wingtip brogues have characteristic perforated holes along the edges, forming the winged shaping.

Wingtip brogues can be worn for business or social occasions.  Traditionally, great ways to wear wingtip brogues are with trousers to the office and other business occasions, a la Katherine Hepburn, who pioneered this style years ago.


This time around, we’re going to see them worn with a flowing floral skirt for a more relaxed look, or with pants and  for social occasions, often rolled up with edgy abandon.  They’re also a fun when paired with shorts for social outings.  Photos c/o The Satorialist


Even celebs like Sienna Miller and Rihanna (pictured below) are embracing this style.

Picture 3

What do you think?  Are wingtip brogues a trend you’d be open to try?

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