Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Maleficent

maleficent by richard darbonne and sarah ward

For years Maleficent has risen to the top of my Halloween costumes and this year I finally executed it. This costume was certainly my biggest undertaking due to the creation of the headpiece.

maleficent profile by richard darbonne and sarah ward

Costume Components

  • Horn headpiece — bonus points for handcrafting your own! I made mine and finished it within 30 minutes of my Haute Halloween party
  • Vampy makeup
  • Green contacts — the lighter and yellower the better
  • Feather choker — repurposed from my Raven costume last year
  • Black lace shirt
  • Black corset — borrowed from my friend Kim (this was her custom made wedding corset. Girl is badass.)
  • Staff with crow atop — I made mine with a piece of black bamboo, a plastic ball, black gaffer’s tape, and a black crow purchased from Michael’s
  • Edgy rings from Forever21
  • Black skirt — or black dress
  • Bonus: Nude manicure with red on the inside of the nail a la Adele at the Grammy’s

maleficent torso C2maleficent by richard darbonne and sarah ward 3

Costume Inspiration

Photo: HitFix
Photo: HitFix
Photo: Entertainment Magazine
Photo: Entertainment Magazine

maleficent angelina and sarah take 2

Richard Darbonne is a talented Seattle portrait photographer I work with who suggested we do a portrait session after he saw my Malefiselfie on Instagram — “My heart stopped when I saw it,” he said. Richard created an environment with light that really highlighted the drama of Maleficent’s persona. “This light was especially crafted for you,” he told me when I sat down on set. “I tried to get other people to sit in, but it didn’t work.” It required the makeup and light and dark drama of the costume.

maleficent by richard darbonne and sarah ward 4

This is an award-winning costume as well! On Thursday I won Best Costume at the zulily Halloween party for this Maleficent costume. When announcing the best costume, our Studio Director said, “I can see your horns from here!” As my friend Charity said, “You won Halloween.”

Watch for a forthcoming detailed post on the making of the Maleficent horns.

Show & Tell

Did you dress up as Maleficent or pull together a costume from your closet? Leave a link in the comments, post a photo on our Facebook page, or hashtag #costumesinyourcloset on Instagram. We’d love to see your costume creation!

Photographer & Editor: Richard Darbonne | Blog
Model, Stylist, Costume Designer, & Makeup Artist: Sarah Ward

12 Easy Halloween Costumes from Your Closet | Halloween Costume Link Party & Contest

Looking for last-minute Halloween costumes that are easy, creative, and won’t break the bank? Here are 12 easy Halloween costume ideas that you can pull right out of your closet in time for your Halloween party this weekend!

  1. Katniss Everdeen. This is going to be the costume of the season! To recreate her arena costume, here are the costume components: Mockingjay pin + braided hair + nylon jacket + black T-shirt + backpack + cargo pants + boots + bow & arrow. Done!
  2. Effie Trinket. If you want to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon and get a little more creative, Effie Trinket is the way to go. Here are the costume components for her teal outfit: curly yellow wig + teal clothing + teal flower + black flower + gaudy jewelry + garish makeup. (Here’s a helpful step-by-step Effie Trinket makeup tutorial) Voila!
  3. Carmen Sandiego. This costume makes for a great couples costume when paired with Where’s Waldo. Your costume components: Red hat + yellow ribbon + red jacket + black clothes + black gloves + black boots. That’s all!
  4. Morticia Addams. If you want a glamorous costume without the effort, Morticia Addams is where it’s at. Costume components: Black dress (or separates) + gothic jewelry & accessories + dramatic makeup. Bonus points for arriving at the party with Gomez, Wednesday, and Pugsley Addams.
  5. Rosie the Riveter. This costume won’t take a lot of time or money but is instantly recognizable! Costume components: Chambray shirt + jeans + patterned scarf + a bicep worth flexing + optional: a riveter. Ta da!
  6. Charlie Chaplain. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can pull this easy costume off either way! Costume components: Hat + eyeliner for mustache + black suit jacket + white dress shirt + black tie + vest + black pants + black shoes + umbrella.
  7. Cruella De Vil. A villainous cackle is going to go a long way with this costume! Costume components: Black & white wig, or spray-in hair color + gaudy makeup and jewelry + cigarette holder + black dress + faux fur throw or jacket + red gloves + red purse + red shoes. Easy peasy!
  8. Alice Cullen from Twilight. If you’re a Twilight fan you know the person who stole the show for style was Alice Cullen. To recreate her look in Italy in New Moon, here are the costume components: Stylish scarf (to keep out the sun) + sunglasses + A-line swing jacket + elbow-length gloves + black pants & shoes + hazel contacts optional. You can always make this a group costume by rounding up Bella and Edward and other members of the Cullen family!
  9. Sandy from Grease. Sandy’s onscreen makeover is one of the most memorable ones in movie history! And once you have a blonde wig, it’s all downhill from here. Costume components: Blonde wig + big earrings + leather jacket + black v-neck or over-the-shoulder shirt + leather pants or leggings + red heels. That’s all she wrote. 
  10. Wicked Witch of the West. Thanks to Wicked the musical, the Wicked Witch of the West costume is totally in! Costume components: Green face paint + witch’s hat + black dress or separates + striped socks + black boots + optional broom. Extra credit for dressing up with Dorothy or some Flying Monkeys!
  11. Sushi. By far one of the easiest and creative costumes you can pull together! Costume components: White clothes + pink pillow case + throw pillow + green scarf + flower for your hair. Fini! You may want sushi after the party though…
  12. Geisha. A simple yet sophisticated costume, with white face paint you will be instantly recognizable as a geisha. Costume components: Parisol or fan + flowers and ribbon for your hair + white face paint, red lips and eye contouring, black brows + silk robe + obi belt + flip flops. People will be amazed!

Styling: Sarah Ward
Makeup and Photography for 2, 4, 12: DorothyInez, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Halloween Costume Link Party and Contest

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Show us your costumes by linking up in our Halloween Costume Link Party and Contest! Once you submit your link, please post a link back to the Halloween Costume Link Party. To sweeten the deal, for three lucky contest winners we’re giving away one-hour eStyling Virtual Styling sessions with a Wardrobe Stylist to help you plan what to wear for your Christmas card photos and upcoming holiday parties!

Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Sandy from Grease

One of the most memorable on-screen makeovers of all time is Sandy Olsen in Grease. Once I had the blonde wig, it suddenly became obvious that an easy costume idea would be was Sandy from Grease. You can add this to the rank of easy black Halloween costume (Think Charlie Chaplain, Morticia Addams, Cruella De Vil, Wicked Witch of the West, Carmen Sandiego…) that require very little effort!

Costume Components

  • Blonde wig
  • Dramatic eye makeup
  • Big earrings
  • Black V-neck shirt or over the shoulder top
  • Leather pants or liquid leggings
  • Red shoes
  • Bonus points if you can rope your man into going as Danny

Costume Inspiration

Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Carmen Sandiego

Do you remember watching the Carmen Sandiego cartoon in the 90s? While I barely remember a thing about the show, her red getup is unforgettable and makes for an easy Halloween costume for women on the fly. Bonus points if your date goes as Where’s Waldo!

Costume Components

  • Red hat (this one I ordered from Spain for a flamenco performance and worked great!)
  • Yellow ribbon — purchased by the yard at Michael’s
  • Red jacket
  • Black gloves
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black boots
  • Optional: globe

Costume Inspiration

Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

It’s safe to say that this is the year of The Hunger Games for Halloween costumes, particularly Katiss Everdeen. While there are many different faces of Katniss, here’s a costume idea for Katniss in the arena.

Costume Components

  • Braid
  • Blue zip up hoodie
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black backpack
  • Bow & arrow — borrowed from Kim
  • Olive cargo pants
  • Black boots — from Pala Pala Dress Boutique

Costume Inspiration

For other Hunger Games costume ideas, don’t miss this Effie Trinket Halloween costume and makeup tutorial!

Halloween Costumes from Your Closet: Rosie the Riveter

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look the part! With Halloween around the corner, I assembled Halloween costumes from my closet to demonstrate that with a little creativity, you can assemble a costume without trying too hard. Get more ideas from our series called Halloween Costumes from Your Closet.

Rosie the Riveter

Costume Components

  • Chambray shirt
  • Jeans
  • Polka dot scarf
  • A bicep worth flexing
  • Optional: a riveter

Costume Inspiration

Halloween Costumes from Your Closet: Alice Cullen

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the best ones are handmade, wouldn’t you agree? This week I assembled Halloween costumes from my closet which I’ll share with you in a series called Halloween Costumes from Your Closet.

Who wants to be Bella Swan when you can be Alice Cullen? In the second Twilight film, New Moon, there is a scene where Alice and Bella are in Italy trying to stop Edward from committing suicide (yes, I admit — I’ve seen the movies!) and driving a hot red sports car through the Italian countryside. This is the outfit from which I derived my inspiration for this outfit.

Costume Components

  • Red polka-dot scarf, tied Grace Kelly style to keep out the sun
  • Big sunglasses
  • White swing jacket
  • Black top
  • Red elbow-length gloves
  • Black dress pants
  • Red peep-toe shoes
  • Bonus: Hazel contacts

Costume Inspiration

Isn’t she fabulous? Alice Cullen is definitely the strongest female star in the Twilight cast. We even have similar bone structure!

So. Would you consider dressing up as someone from Twilight?

Halloween Costumes from Your Closet: Sushi

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the best ones are handmade, wouldn’t you agree? This week I assembled Halloween costumes from my closet which I’ll share with you in a series called Halloween Costumes from Your Closet (inspired by What I Wore’s Handmade Halloween).

First up in the Halloween Costumes from Your Closet series: sushi!

Costume Components

  • White cowlneck sweater and white pants for my rice
  • Nude pumps
  • Throw pillow in a pink pillowcase for salmon
  • Green pashmina, tied around my waist and the pillow
  • Pink flower in my hair for the pickled ginger
  • For effect, a bowl and chopsticks

Costume Inspiration

Caution: By the end of the evening, you may need to head out for all-you-can-eat sushi!