Short Hair Sunday: Giselle Latta

In an effort to connect the short hair sisters of the world, each week for Short Hair Sunday, we’re going to feature a woman who is embracing her fierceness and femininity with short hair. This week is Giselle Latta hailing from Brisbane, Australia!

short hair sisters - giselle latta 3

Having short hair makes me feel: Liberated

What made you decide to cut your hair?
I felt like a change and embracing my inner confidence with an outward expression of the same. I have always loved the pixie cut and think its feminine and sassy. No more hiding behind the obvious femininity of long hair! I cut my hair from a bob to a pixie in April and have LOVED it. I’ve had so many people comment positively – and even a few embrace the pixie do for themselves!

short hair sunday giselle - before and after

My short hair icon is: Ginnifer Goodwin

short hair sisters - ginnifer goodwin

de lorenzo mud slide - short hair productsMy favorite hair product is: De Lorenzo Mud Slide

If you could give one piece of advice to women considering short hair, what would it be?
Do it! Take pictures with you & talk to your hair stylist. Take the plunge into pixie nirvana – it’s liberating :-)

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Check out Giselle’s blog and Pinterest!

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Short Hair Inspiration: Undercut

The last time I got my haircut with the lovely Sophia Simone, we tried something new — the undercut. The undercut been all the rage with short hair recently and is typified by longer layers on the top and a shorter buzz along the back and sides. (Plus she showed me how to achieve a sweet lift in my hair — more on that another day.)

Sophia & Sarah - twinsies!
The undercut style is easy to grow out since the longer layers will cover the shorter buzz. Plus, it’s got an edginess that can’t be denied so if you’re into an edgy rock and roll look, give the undercut a try.

Here are some of my undercut inspirations from Pinterest:

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

So short hair sisters, would you try an undercut?

Short Hair Sisters: Short Hair Inspiration From Real Women

Every time you go for a haircut, chances are you take a photo to your stylist for inspiration. Over the years I have taken photos of celebrities to my stylist, as I’m sure you have, too — women like Victoria Beckham, Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to derive inspiration from real women with short hair, women without professional stylists on hand off-camera, coiffing their hair to make it perfect for the paparazzi? So today I bring you short hair inspiration from real women.

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