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Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Rockabilly Rosie the Riveter


While I’ve dressed up as Rosie the Riveter before, I inadvertently did it again this week — Halloween runs deep! Why not lend a rockabilly flavor to your Rosie costume for an original spin? Make your costume your own!

Costume Components

  • Headscarf or bandana
  • Collared shirt — chambray, plaid, or otherwise
  • A whole lotta attitude

Here’s my original Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume.

rosie-the-riveter-by-cable-car-couture (1)

You can do it! You can pull together a great Halloween costume on the cheap!

Photo: Will Bossen


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Halloween Costumes in Your Closet: Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson movies have been part of my family culture for years so when the Moonrise Kingdom movie came out, the wheels started turning for how it could be incorporated into my Halloween Costumes In Your Closet series. Last weekend we hatched the plan with my quirky brothers to go as the cast as Moonrise Kingdom and it’s safe to say that we rocked it!

Joe and Felicia as Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop

Steven, Joe, and Tim as Scout Master Ward, Sam Shakusky and Cousin Ben

Steven and Kathleen as Scout Master Ward and Social Services

Tim and Sarah as Cousin Ben and Raven

Costume Components:

  • Scouts: Scout uniforms, Troop 55 badges, yellow neckerchiefs, Mounty hat, coonskin hat, and garrison cap and high socks with glasses and aviator sunglasses
  • Suzy Bishop: Pink dress, white socks, Sunday school shoes, binoculars, blue eye shadow, and picnic basket
  • Social Services: royal blue coat, blue blouse, blue pants, blue cap and shoes
  • Raven: Black beak, feather chocker and cuffs, black outfit components, fishnet stockings and dramatic makeup

Costume Inspiration 

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Easy Black Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on your costume, get inspired by these three easy black Halloween costumes. Chances are you even have something in your closet that can come together for these simple costumes.

  1. Sandy from Grease. One of the best on-screen makeovers of our time, Sandy from Grease has sex appeal and spice. All you need is a blonde wig, dramatic makeup, a black top, a black belt, black leather leggings, and red shoes.
  2. Charlie Chaplain. This renown silent film star is a costume that can be worn by either men or women. To pull it together, simply pair a hat, a faux mustache, a black suit and tie, and black shoes. Easy as pie!
  3. Morticia Addams. As brilliant as she is beautiful, Morticia Addams is one of the most popular matriarchs Halloween has to offer. For this costume, simply acquire a black wig, dramatic makeup, a black dress, and heels and you’re done!

Click here for more easy Halloween costumes that you can pull from your closet!

What is your favorite go-to Halloween costume?

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12 Easy Halloween Costumes from Your Closet | Halloween Costume Link Party & Contest

Looking for last-minute Halloween costumes that are easy, creative, and won’t break the bank? Here are 12 easy Halloween costume ideas that you can pull right out of your closet in time for your Halloween party this weekend!

  1. Katniss Everdeen. This is going to be the costume of the season! To recreate her arena costume, here are the costume components: Mockingjay pin + braided hair + nylon jacket + black T-shirt + backpack + cargo pants + boots + bow & arrow. Done!
  2. Effie Trinket. If you want to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon and get a little more creative, Effie Trinket is the way to go. Here are the costume components for her teal outfit: curly yellow wig + teal clothing + teal flower + black flower + gaudy jewelry + garish makeup. (Here’s a helpful step-by-step Effie Trinket makeup tutorial) Voila!
  3. Carmen Sandiego. This costume makes for a great couples costume when paired with Where’s Waldo. Your costume components: Red hat + yellow ribbon + red jacket + black clothes + black gloves + black boots. That’s all!
  4. Morticia Addams. If you want a glamorous costume without the effort, Morticia Addams is where it’s at. Costume components: Black dress (or separates) + gothic jewelry & accessories + dramatic makeup. Bonus points for arriving at the party with Gomez, Wednesday, and Pugsley Addams.
  5. Rosie the Riveter. This costume won’t take a lot of time or money but is instantly recognizable! Costume components: Chambray shirt + jeans + patterned scarf + a bicep worth flexing + optional: a riveter. Ta da!
  6. Charlie Chaplain. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can pull this easy costume off either way! Costume components: Hat + eyeliner for mustache + black suit jacket + white dress shirt + black tie + vest + black pants + black shoes + umbrella.
  7. Cruella De Vil. A villainous cackle is going to go a long way with this costume! Costume components: Black & white wig, or spray-in hair color + gaudy makeup and jewelry + cigarette holder + black dress + faux fur throw or jacket + red gloves + red purse + red shoes. Easy peasy!
  8. Alice Cullen from Twilight. If you’re a Twilight fan you know the person who stole the show for style was Alice Cullen. To recreate her look in Italy in New Moon, here are the costume components: Stylish scarf (to keep out the sun) + sunglasses + A-line swing jacket + elbow-length gloves + black pants & shoes + hazel contacts optional. You can always make this a group costume by rounding up Bella and Edward and other members of the Cullen family!
  9. Sandy from Grease. Sandy’s onscreen makeover is one of the most memorable ones in movie history! And once you have a blonde wig, it’s all downhill from here. Costume components: Blonde wig + big earrings + leather jacket + black v-neck or over-the-shoulder shirt + leather pants or leggings + red heels. That’s all she wrote. 
  10. Wicked Witch of the West. Thanks to Wicked the musical, the Wicked Witch of the West costume is totally in! Costume components: Green face paint + witch’s hat + black dress or separates + striped socks + black boots + optional broom. Extra credit for dressing up with Dorothy or some Flying Monkeys!
  11. Sushi. By far one of the easiest and creative costumes you can pull together! Costume components: White clothes + pink pillow case + throw pillow + green scarf + flower for your hair. Fini! You may want sushi after the party though…
  12. Geisha. A simple yet sophisticated costume, with white face paint you will be instantly recognizable as a geisha. Costume components: Parisol or fan + flowers and ribbon for your hair + white face paint, red lips and eye contouring, black brows + silk robe + obi belt + flip flops. People will be amazed!

Styling: Sarah Ward
Makeup and Photography for 2, 4, 12: DorothyInez, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Halloween Costume Link Party and Contest

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Show us your costumes by linking up in our Halloween Costume Link Party and Contest! Once you submit your link, please post a link back to the Halloween Costume Link Party. To sweeten the deal, for three lucky contest winners we’re giving away one-hour eStyling Virtual Styling sessions with a Wardrobe Stylist to help you plan what to wear for your Christmas card photos and upcoming holiday parties!

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Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Carmen Sandiego

Do you remember watching the Carmen Sandiego cartoon in the 90s? While I barely remember a thing about the show, her red getup is unforgettable and makes for an easy Halloween costume for women on the fly. Bonus points if your date goes as Where’s Waldo!

Costume Components

  • Red hat (this one I ordered from Spain for a flamenco performance and worked great!)
  • Yellow ribbon — purchased by the yard at Michael’s
  • Red jacket
  • Black gloves
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black boots
  • Optional: globe

Costume Inspiration

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Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

It’s safe to say that this is the year of The Hunger Games for Halloween costumes, particularly Katiss Everdeen. While there are many different faces of Katniss, here’s a costume idea for Katniss in the arena.

Costume Components

  • Braid
  • Blue zip up hoodie
  • Black T-shirt
  • Black backpack
  • Bow & arrow — borrowed from Kim
  • Olive cargo pants
  • Black boots — from Pala Pala Dress Boutique

Costume Inspiration

For other Hunger Games costume ideas, don’t miss this Effie Trinket Halloween costume and makeup tutorial!

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Halloween Costumes From Your Closet: Cruella De Vil

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the best ones are handmade, wouldn’t you agree? This week I assembled Halloween costumes from my closet which I’ll share with you in a series called Halloween Costumes from Your Closet.

This year I dressed up as the Disney villain Cruella De Vil.

Costume Components

  • Zebra print throw – this was a yard and a half of fabric from Joann’s that I figured I could repurpose for throw pillows post-Halloween
  • Silver hair spray paint
  • Gaudy jewelry and make-up (I even drew my lipliner outside my natural lip line to emulate Glenn Close’s mouth)
  • Black dress from Shabby Apple
  • Red gloves
  • Red purse
  • Cigarette holder fashioned from clay and painted with acrylic paint
  • Red shoes

Costume Inspiration

But this Cruella De Vil prefers kittens. Naturally.

Even though I don’t have the hair length most Cruella De Vils had this Halloween, I made my hair as spiky and wild as I could.

What was your Halloween costume?

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12 Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes on a Shoestring Budget

Here’s a Halloween costume post I wrote for My Colleges and Careers.

Even if you aren’t going trick or treating this Halloween you can still dress up to celebrate! One of the best holidays of the year, Halloween really lets you flex your creative muscles as you assume someone else’s identity for an evening. Here are 12 quick and easy Halloween costumes, ideal for college students on a shoestring budget.

Marty McFly. Who doesn’t love a little Back to the Future? Chances you’ll already own most of what this costume requires: collared shirt, jean jacket, puffy vest (preferably red), blue jeans, white sneakers, watch, headphones. Bonus: video camera and skateboard. (We’ve seen some great female Marty McFlys as well!)

The Birds victim. In honor of Hitchcock’s classic film, The Birds, dress up in a 50s style outfit, and tape fake black birds to your costume, as though they are attacking you, and apply fake blood as desired.

Steve Jobs. Pay homage to the man who brought us Apple and don a black turtleneck, blue jeans, sneakers, and your favorite apple product. Kudos to this guy who integrated his newborn baby into his costume as an iPod.

Amy Winehouse. This is a super easy costume, especially if you already have black hair. Draw on exaggerated wingtip eyeliner, apply a beauty mark with your eyeliner, and then style your hair in a beehive. Tattoos are a bonus.

Forrest Gump. Get your hands on a plaid suit and carry around a box of chocolates. Or even easier, put on a T-shirt, shorts, running shoes, baseball hat and a long wig and fake beard.

Doctor. If you work in the medical field, this is a no-brainer. That’s definitely not a pre-requisite for Halloween! You’ll need some scrubs, a white lab coat — you can borrow some for a friend. Don’t forget the pager! If the party is lame, it will give you an excuse to leave.

Justin Bieber. Do as Ryan Seacrest did last year and dress up as teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. All you need is long bangs and a hoodie or hat.

Rock, Paper, Scissors. For a fun group costume, create cardboard cutouts of paper and scissors and tape it to your clothes. For rock, fill a garbage bag with balloons and cut holes for legs.

Roll of Toilet Paper. Go as the one product we can’t live without! Using a couple hula hoops, posterboard, and a bedsheet, you’ll be put together in no time!

Pixelated Photo. Using makeup or face paint, draw square blocks of color on your face. For extra credit, create a bib necklace from small squares of fabric.

Old Spice Guy. All you need is a towel, a 6-pack (ideally!), a bottle of old spice body wash and a lot of swagger! Optional: a sweater tied around your shoulders for warmth.

Sushi. The ultimate in quick and easy Halloween costumes, wear white, find a pink pillow and belt or sash and tie/belt it to your back. For extra credit, use chopsticks in your hair with pink and green flowers for your ginger and wasabi. Here’s a fantastic male sushi interpretation!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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Halloween Archives: Wicked Witch of the West

In preparation for Halloween, I’m going back in the Halloween archives and pulling out costumes from Halloweens past for costume inspiration!

A few years back when Wicked was rising to prominence, I was inspired and dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West. It just so happened that at the same Halloween party was this cute-as-a-button Dorothy with Toto. If you need a last-minute costume, the Wicked Witch is ridiculously simple.

In order to create your Wicked Witch of the West costume for Halloween, you will need the following:

  • Green face paint
  • Black eyeliner to line eyes and darken eyebrows
  • Witch’s hat
  • Black dress (or turtleneck and long skirt separates)
  • Black cape (optional)
  • Black boots
  • Striped socks
  • Broom (optional)
  • For extra credit, collaborate with friends dressed as Dorothy or Flying Monkeys

At the end of the day, you can wear whatever black pieces you have and then put on green face paint and a witch hat and cackle –everyone will know exactly what you are. To remove the green face paint at the end of the day, use warm water and a wash cloth.

This was the year my husband dressed up as Waldo — a very easy costume for men!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for College Students

Here’s a Halloween costume post I wrote for My Colleges and Careers. The costume ideas can work for virtually everyone!

As you’ve been getting invitations to Halloween parties, are you panicking to find a Halloween costume to wear that is quick, easy, and cheap? Don’t sit this one out because you don’t have anything in your closet. Here are some last minute Halloween costumes that are perfect for college students so you can have a spook-tacular Halloween night!

Dwight Shrute. Part your hair down the middle, get wire-rimmed glasses, and a brown suit with a yellow dress shirt and brown tie. Don’t forget not to smile because smiling is a sign of weakness! Party conversation? Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica.

Lady Gaga. Blow up a few dozen clear balloons and tape them to skin-colored clothing. False eyelashes and a blonde wig with blunt bangs will perfect your look.

James Bond. Don a suit, white shirt, and bow tie (Can’t tie it? Doesn’t matter. Leave it undone for effect), an impressive looking watch, then get your hands on a fake gun and summon your most confident, cocky self. That’s it. It’s that easy.

Wicked Witch of the West. All you need is a witch’s hat, green facepaint, and a black top and long skirt to be transform yourself into the Wicked Witch. If you have a black sheet, tie it around your neck as a cape.

Scarecrow. Pick up a large flannel shirt, faded blue jeans, and a hat from the thrift store. Get some rope to use as a belt and to tie on your wrists and ankles, then stuff your clothes with paper or plastic bags, letting some straw hang out for extra effect. A little face paint and you’re ready to go!

Photo: davedemerjian

Domino. If you have ten minutes to get out the door, throw on some black clothes and cut out white dots to be domino pieces. Three hole-punch Jim would be along the same lines.

Runaway bride. Head to your local Salvation Army and get the cheapest wedding dress you can find. Strap on your Nikes and you’re an instant runaway bride. Wearing a large watch or clock necklace will perfect the look.

Mummy. Raid your bathroom for toilet paper, wrap yourself up as a mummy, and walk with stiff arms and legs. Just as long as it isn’t raining, the toilet paper thing will be great!

Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon. Grab your best friend of the opposite sex and dress up as this hilarious couple from 30Rock. The guy will need a suit and tie, while the girl will be comfortable in jeans and a hoodie and dark rimmed glasses. For a more dressy look, the girl can wear a blazer and jeans instead.

Miss America. If you have access to an old prom dress, all you have to do it find a tiara, some gaudy jewelry, and a bouquet, then pile on the stage make-up. The last final piece of the puzzle will be to make yourself a sash from wide white ribbon, with Miss America written in glitter glue.

Cowboy. A collared shirt tucked into jeans with a large belt buckle, cowboy hat and boots will have you looking like a cattle hand in no time at all. Get a paisley bandana and tie it around your neck for added effect. On the heels of the release of Cowboys and Aliens this summer, being a cowboy may be a trend this season!

Mime. If you’d rather be antisocial, a mime is the perfect costume for you. Wear black clothes (a black and white striped shirt will do the trick), suspenders, and a beret, then apply some white face paint with dark diamond-shaped eye make-up.

If you love making costumes and Halloween is your favorite time of year, maybe a career as a costume designer or costume attendant would be right up your alley!

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