Guest Post: Artisan Maskers Halloween Masquerade Mask Edition

Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Aristan Maskers, specializing in paper machier masquerade masks. With Halloween on the horizon, Amanda of Artisan Maskers will share some great Halloween costume ideas that that include a masquerade mask. As if we needed any extra excuse to own one.

  1. Take a pretty, feminine mask, in pale colors (white, especially) and you can easily adapt it to dress up any of the following costume ideas:  a fairy, a bride, a snowflake, a spirt (or ghost, if it’s got some flowing ribbons or fabric to it), a tight-rope walker or ballerina, a princess,  or Christine (from Phantom of the Opera)

    White Masquerade Mask
  2. A skull mask can be the obvious skeleton, or you could adapt it to become Death himself, the Phantom of the Opera, or something quirky, like Skeletor (yes, from He-Man ;D).  The nice thing about this mask is that it is very masculine, but it can still be dressed up for even the classiest event.
    Skull Masquerade Mask

    Skull Masquerade Mask
  3. If you want something more flamboyant, a striking mask with flashy feathers would make a great addition to a flapper costume or a showgirl-type costume, or even add an air of mystery to a vampire ensemble.  It’s also easy to adapt the colors to whatever you are wearing, since ostrich plumes can be found in nearly every color!

    Bad Romance Masquerade Mask
  4. Foxes are HUGE right now, but wearing a fox mask doesn’t limit you to only being a fox.  Consider possible famous foxes, especially if you are going out with a partner:  Foxy Loxy (and Chicken Little), the Incredible Mr. Fox (and his wife, obviously, or one of his other animal buddies), Honest John (and his kitty sidekick, Gideon–from Pinocchio), and the list goes on and on!  Also, animal masks, like foxes, lend themselves very well to Steampunk stylings, even if they don’t have any specific Steampunk elements!

    Fox Masquerade Mask
  5. Our final mask idea is just the basic black.  With a sleek black mask, you can become a superhero, a bandit, a black widow spider, or a spy.  Add some glitz (in this case, rhinestones and spikes) and suddenly you can also be a rock star, a biker, or a really, really hot Catwoman.  ;D

    Catwoman / Rock Star Masquerade Mask

Happy costume-hunting!

Artisan Maskers also wrote this terrific tutorial on how to make your own masquerade mask, though if you’re looking to save time, definitely check out the Artisan Maskers Etsy shop for more whimsical masquerade masks!

Guest Post: Make Your Own Masquerade Mask


Amanda Joy Carol of Artisan Maskers has graciously agreed to share with Cable Car Couture readers how to make your own masquerade mask!  If you don’t feel like “dressing up” this Halloween, donning a masquerade mask is the way to go!

We make our own papier-mache mask bases using strips of paper (generally from the scrap bin–great way to recycle, right!?), dipped in a gooey mixture of flour and water. The “recipe” we came across for the flour paste a couple of years ago, was equal parts water and flour, but you can tweak it so its wetter or drier for your preferences. You don’t need very much!

Amanda modeling the Snowy Owl Masquerade Mask
Amanda modeling the Snowy Owl Masquerade Mask
  1. Traditionally, Venetian papier-mache masks are pressed INTO a mold, but we prefer to build them ONTO something–your own face if you want it to fit you perfectly, or a mannequin head, etc., if you don’t want to smear goopy wheat paste all over your skin! (Note: if you ARE doing it on your face you DEFINITELY want to put vasaline on first, or it will hurt when you pull the mask off. Especially on your eyebrows!!!)
  2. Then you let the mask dry overnight–a couple of hours on your face should be enough before removing it, and then you can let it finish drying. You can, of course, also just purchase the mask base from any decent craft store, if you just want to skip to the “fun” part. 😉 (I believe you can also buy real Italian papier-mache mask bases online, though I am not sure where…)
  3. We love to decorate our masks using just about anything! Ribbons, feathers, glitter, scraps of fabric, rhinestones, seashells, pretty paper — whatever your preference! Go online, and find some masks you like if you need some ideas!

For inspiration, look no further.

Victorian Velvet Masquerade Mask
Victorian Velvet Masquerade Mask modeled by Sarah
Yvaine Masquerade Mask modeled by Elaine
Yvaine Masquerade Mask modeled by Emily

“You know you sort of – glitter sometimes. I’ve just noticed it. Is it… Is it normal?”
~Tristan, Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Masquerade Mask for Men: Autumn Regent mask modeled by Marc
Masquerade Mask for Men: Autumn Regent mask modeled by Marc
Confucious Oriental Masquerade Mask
Confucious Oriental Masquerade Mask

“Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.” –Confucius

Great Horned Owl Masquerade Mask for Men modeled by Marc
Great Horned Owl Masquerade Mask for Men modeled by Marc

“A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?”

Scaramouche Masquerade Mask modeled by Sarah
Scaramouche Masquerade Mask modeled by Sarah

“For he is Scaramouche not only on the stage, but also in the world. He has a gift of sly intrigue, an art of setting folk by the ears, combined with an impudent aggressiveness upon occasion when he considers himself safe from reprisals. He is Scaramouche, the little skirmisher, to the very life.”

-Rafael Sabatini, “Scaramouche”

And if you decide it’s too much work to make your own mask, let Artisan Maskers make one for you!  Their unique masks are handcrafted and range from around $20 – 60 each.  Check out the Artisan Maskers Etsy shop!

Which Masquerade mask stood out to you the most?  I’m not sure I can pick a favorite!