Swimsuits that Hide Thighs and Derriere

There has been lots of excitement around our last swimsuit segment, How to Maximize a Small Bust.  Another thing that women have been requesting is swimsuits that hide thighs and derriere.  If this is something you look for in a swimsuit, look no further!

With the onset of tankinis, you can have a top that covers up and choose a bottom of your choice.  For extra coverage to hide thighs and derrieres, consider wearing a skirt.

Shade Swim Skirt with Bottoms $22.99
Shade Swim Skirt with Bottoms $22.99

This swim skirt from Shade Clothing has swim bottoms attached–great way to kill two birds with one stone.  Look at how much thigh it hides!

Hapari Sassy Swim Skirt $29
Hapari Sassy Swim Skirt $29

Hapari has a sassy swim skirt that doesn’t hug quite so close to the body if you don’t want the material to hug your hips.  This piece is the skirt only, bottoms are not included.

DownEast Basics Malibu Swim Skirt $26.99
DownEast Basics Malibu Swim Skirt $26.99

DownEast Basics makes this darling Malibu swim skirt with flair.

The Mod Bod Retro Swim Bottoms $27.95
The Mod Bod Retro Swim Bottoms $27.95

Boy short bottoms are another favorite for girls that want to have a little more coverage for their legs.  The Mod Bod has retro swim bottoms in brown and black that you can mix and match with your suits.

Ultimately, pairing a one of these dark colored full coverage bottoms with a patterned top is best.  This will draw the eyes up and take the focus away from what you’re trying to hide.


This zebra inspired top with a dark bottom is a great example from Lime Ricki.

So class, hope these ideas help when you’re shopping for a swimsuit to hide thighs and derriere.

Which swim skirt is your favorite?

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