Sustainable Wedding Vancouver: Miranda + Brian


Today my beautiful cousin Miranda and her beau decided to tie the knot and eloped in front of an intimate group of family and friends. People basically had 24 hours notice and I’m so grateful to have been able to rearrange my schedule and drive up Vancouver to witness their vows. 

True to her sustainable fashion personal philosophies, she bought nothing — no decorations, no ring, no flowers, no big white wedding dress (she wore her grad dress). The only money spent was on a haircut. Bonus points for grabbing the groom’s butt during her wedding vows. Congratulations, Miranda and Brian! 

I was happy to lend my phone for a selfie of the newlyweds!
I was happy to lend my phone for a selfie of the newlyweds!

So who says your wedding has to cost a fortune, take years to plan, and take every ounce of your sanity and attention span? What a lovely alternative!

Check out Miranda’s blog Style By Fire and her article at Huffington Post about weddings, “How to Plan a Wedding When You Don’t Believe in Having One”.

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