Sunday Style: Pants 2013

pants 2013

Today I joined Mormon Feminists everywhere when I wore pants to church today in a sign of solidarity and sisterhood. I wore pants last year, too.

Earlier today I encouraged women who were contemplating wearing pants to just go for it! It’s just for three hours.

Dear sisters, if you are considering wearing pants to church today, do it! As an image consultant and wardrobe stylist, I teach my clients that the clothes they wear affect the way they think, they way they feel, the way they act, and the way that others react to them. Sure, people may react to your pants. But remember first and foremost, your pants are going to impact how you feel about yourself. And I can tell you from experience, you’re going to feel a part of a profoundly powerful sisterhood when you pull on those pants today.

Did you wear pants today?

Glasses: Rivet & Sway | Earrings: gift | Suede jacket: Etsy | Orange tank: Nordstrom Rack | Necklace: H&M | Palazzo Pants: Nordstrom | Handbag: Momentum Handbag | Shoes: some boutique 

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