Summer Essentials: Top 10 Things a Girl’s Gotta Have for Summer

  1. A killer swimsuit. Every girl wants a swimsuit that flatters her bod that she feels comfortable in.  Take some time to try on different suits and make sure it fits and feels right before you take the plunge, so to speak :).

    ModBe Zebra Swimsuit $38!
    ModBe Zebra Lace-up Tankini Top $38!
  2. Shades. Besides the Hollywood glamor that a fabulous pair of sunglasses bring, a good pair of shades can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent you from having to squint.  Sunny days will be that much more comfortable and fashionable for you.
  3. A beach cover-up. A wrap-around skirt or cover-up dress is a summer essential, especially as you’re going to and from the pool or beach.  Once the sun goes down, you’ll be glad you brought your cover-up!

    Old Navy Cover-Up $24.50
    Old Navy Cover-Up $24.50
  4. Great friends. Friends to share your adventures with are essential.  Take advantage of the warm weather, grab some friends you haven’t seen in ages and go on a day trip together.  Or bust out the grill, have a BBQ and invite the neighborhood!
  5. Wide-brimmed hat. A wide-brimmed hat can prevent the top of your head, ears and  back of your neck from burning in the sun–places that may get forgotten while slathering on the sunscreen.  Plus, they look fabulous.

    OMO Norma Kamali Swimsuit - you can't tell me that hat isn't fabulous
    OMO Norma Kamali Swimsuit - you can't tell me this hat isn't fabulous
  6. Sandals. In most climates, there’s only one time of the year you can enjoy sandals!  Even if you’re not a fan of flip flops, there’s plenty of darling sandals that will keep your feet cool and show off your new pedicure.
  7. Sunscreen. While everyone needs a good dose of Vitamin D daily, when we neglect to protect our skin from the powerful sun, it can result in skin damage and premature aging.  Don’t forget your sunblock and you’ll keep that youthful skin longer!
  8. A good book or magazine. Some of my best summer memories include me, the beach and a good book.  Stop by a book store or the library and grab a book for the road.

    Sarah's Recommendation: The Alchemist - a magical tale about following your dreams
    Sarah's Recommendation: The Alchemist - a magical tale about following your dream
  9. H2O. Especially in hot and humid environments, your body needs lots of water to keep your body temperature down.  Enjoy fruits in season during the summer like strawberries and watermelon–they’re a great source of water, too.  Water is a definite summer essential.
  10. Tunes. There’s something so nostalgic about music.  One song can take me back to a wonderful time.  Make new memories to your summer soundtrack and you’ll remember the sunshine and good times for years to come whenever you hear that song.

What are your summer essentials?

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