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May Brush Calligraphy Calendar 2016

May 2016 Brush Calligraphy Calendar Download

May you always have time in your calendar for the important things in life. Over the weekend I attended a women’s retreat and the keynote speaker mentioned how her daughter is getting really good at playing the violin from practicing everyday and has tracked over 1500 days of consistent practicing. Isn’t that inspiring?

This month I’m going to use my calendar to check off every time I practice my art form so I can start tracking my consistency and watch myself improve. I encourage you to put your calendar to good use!

Found and Gathered: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Photo by Michaela @yomichaela

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Found and Gathered event at WeWork in Seattle on using social media to grow your business. My lovely makeup artist friend Mimi Banasik and I went together to get inspired and we were tickled pink to bump into friends, old and new, and meet some people in real life for the first time!

Cherie Marquez from Found & Gathered was the moderator of the panel and her guests included Kris Rosentrater, President of Storyville Coffee, Kennesha Buycks, Creative Director of Restoration House, and Lisa Dawn Drogin, Founder of Story of My Dress. It was a powerful panel!

Here were some of my key takeaways in the form of my tweets that night:

How do you use social media to continue the conversation and engage with your audience?