February Brush Calligraphy Calendar 2016

february 2016 calendar var 3 copy

You should be proud of yourself, you made it through January. It was touch and go there for a minute. I managed to make it through January on an elimination diet.

Download your free February 2016 Brush Calligraphy Calendar printable below. Print out your copy and show us how you’re using it in your space! Tag us @cablecarcalligraphy on Instagram or post a photo to our Facebook page.

***Update! Now the February calendar has all 29 days. Thanks for the catch, Bridgette!

New Years Resolution: Organize My Jewelry

Have you set any new years resolutions for yourself that have to do with organization? Many of my clients struggle with organizing their jewelry and scarves, so today we’re going to feature a few things that can help with keeping your jewelry organized and visible.

Organize your rings
Photo: Wooddesignforyou

Photo: Wooddesignforyou

These modern wooden cones give you an artistic place to store your rings at the end of the day.

Photo: Pixie Rain Company

Photo: Pixie Rain Company

Your rings will feel right at home in this ring dish by the Pixie Rain Company.

Photo: Taylor Marie Boutique

Photo: Taylor Marie Boutique

Taylor Marie Boutique’s wooden ring dish has an earthy flavor.

Organize your necklaces and earrings
Photo: Curiographer

Photo: Curiographer

If you have an earthy style, this driftwood jewelry organizer from the Curiographer might be just what you need!

Photo: The Shabby Store

Photo: The Shabby Store

For a bit of bohemian flavor, hang your necklaces from this faux antler rack from The Shabby Store on Etsy.

Photo: Slate Silver

Photo: Slate Silver

This minimalist jewelry holder from Slate Silver can be fully customized and hung on your closet door.

Photo: Wooddesignforyou

Photo: Wooddesignforyou

If your aesthetic is more modern and clean, this streamlined jewelry holder by WoodDesignForYou may be perfect.

How do you keep your jewelry organized?

Introducing Seattle Calligraphy Club

This year I’m excited to start hosting a monthly Calligraphy Club!

Cable Car Calligraphy-113 BW

Photo by Kelsey Lane Photography

To really master a skill, you need to get it into your cells and the only way to do that is practice. Join us for a monthly calligraphy club where we’ll gather to practice, share and get constructive feedback to enhance our letter-forms. Calligrapher Sarah Ward will be available to give suggestions for improvement. A great way to network and cultivate your calligraphy skills!

Bring your supplies and your sketchbook, look forward to lettering alongside you.

  • Tuesday, January 12th from 7-9pm
  • Street Bean Coffee @ 2711 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA
  • $10 for Cable Car Calligraphy students, $20 for new calligraphy member
  • Register here!

What are you hanging on to?

what are you hanging onto

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being welcomed into a lovely client’s home and closet to help her purge her wardrobe. We pulled everything out of her closet, carefully considering every item, whether to keep it, or whether to let it go.

100+ empty hangers, 4 garbage bags of clothes, and two boxes of shoes later, Hilary was letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. And just in time for 2016!

Hilary posted about her experience on Facebook today:

Yesterday, I purged over two thirds of my closet. TWO THIRDS. It. was. Invigorating.

I hired a Personal Trainer for my style, Sarah Ward. I felt really vulnerable bringing someone into my private closet to take a closer look at everything I own. As I went through each piece with her, it amazed me at how easy it was to let go. Every time I said good bye to a pair of lulu pants from ’08 (it was a good year), I felt a little lighter, more energized. It felt so good.

Once I had a good look at all the stuff and things I had acquired, I realized I had been hanging on to so much, and not just in the physical realm. Purging tangible items helped me shed the intangible items as well. I let go of guilt, shame, toxic relationships, “New Year’s Resolutions…”

After five hours of intense purging, I stood there and looked at the hundreds of hangers and piles of spandex, well-worn sweaters and sad-soled shoes, and I felt a sense of lightness and renewal. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I have felt that way. Bliss.

So, this time, before I write a long list of Super Goals for 2016, I’ve got the urge to purge. “Start by discarding all at once, intensely and completely. Keep only those things that speak to your heart. The space which we live in now should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” – Marie Kondo

What are you hanging on to? ‪#‎UrgeToPurge2016‬

Make it a systematic practice to let go of what no longer serves you. You’ll have more space to create the life and image you want. If you’re inspired and itching to purge, I’d love to guide you through the process! Let’s chat!

Merry + Bright

merry and bright candy cane

May your days be Merry and Bright, and may all your Christmases be white. Wishing you a lovely holiday season, from us and ours to you and yours. <3

Made with a Tombow dual pen and Photoshop. And year-old candy canes. (That I may or may not have been eating.)

Photo by Brad Bowen, calligraphy by me.

Toronto’s Santa is so on trend this year: Yorkdale Fashion Santa


This year the Toronto mall Yorkdale had a different approach to Santa. Instead of the jolly old Coca-cola Saint Nick we’re used to seeing, Yorkdale’s Santa is en vogue! Fashion Santa did a photo shoot where he modeled all the latest trends in men’s fashion.




If you get a selfie taken with Santa and use hashtag #YorkdaleFashionSanta, they’ll donate $1 to charity. Read more here!