Special Delivery from Justin Hackworth Photography!


At the end of the summer, my husband and I (and our kittens) got our family portraits taken by Justin Hackworth.  As Justin can attest, we are regulars, this being our fourth photo shoot with him over the last three years.  Since we’ve had rock-star caliber photos before, we wanted these shots to be fun, lively and playful.  That’s definitely how they turned out.

swinging on the swings

justin hackworth family portrait with tim sarah and kittens

family portraits by justin hackworth black and white

black kitten photo by justin hackworth photography

(10/14 Update: Justin just posted some more of the portraits on his blog today if you’d like to see more!)

We had actually completely forgotten that a book was being assembled with our photos and so when I received the call today, I was surprised.  Justin’s assistant Megan went above and beyond and hand delivered the book to us this evening.  Now that’s exceptional service!  The book is absolutely beautiful.

photo book

And it goes perfectly with Jill Vegas’s Speed Decorating book and Danielle LaPorte’s Style Statement book.

side table with books

Here’s a peek inside:

photo book by justin hackworth

As enamored as we are with the book, the kittens couldn’t get over the box.

cat in a box

Justin Hackworth never fails to impress with his fresh photography ideas.  We have worked with him time and again and have always been delighted with the end results.  If you want rock star treatment and photos that will make people stop and stare — he’s your man.

portrait of justin hackworth

And if you can’t figure out what to wear for your photos, I’m your girl! :)

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5 thoughts on “Special Delivery from Justin Hackworth Photography!

  1. Sarah! These are indeed fabulous photos, it appears you love Justin almost as much as me. AND the camera indeed loves you.
    I took a look-see at your blog too and LOVE everything about it. I didn't know you did that. I guess I've been in the deep, dark corners of my brain closet for too long. Someday I would love to have you come over and make me shine. Until then, take care and maybe we should all hang out sometime?!

  2. Beth, I love it! "almost as much as me" :) Indeed, indeed! Thanks for the your kind kudos on the photos. We had such a fun time with Justin and love the photos the session produced.
    Wonderful to get your feedback on the blog, also! Yes, I'd love to help you shine, that would be so much fun! And that sounds like it would be a blast, hanging out all of us! Maybe we ought to have a group dinner date sometime soon, how does that sound?
    – Sarah

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