Sneak Peak at Shade Clothing’s Fall ’09 Collection

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for Shade Clothing’s upcoming Fall Collection!  They shot at a charming farm in Midway, Utah, with lots of fun farm animals and an edgy, rustic look that I love.  Check it out!


A baby cow and yellow boots make for perfect fall accessories, don’t you think?


Kenneth, Shade Clothing’s hair stylist, helping achieve the perfect lighting for the shot.


One of Shade Clothing’s models at an antique shop.  Doesn’t this top look like something you would totally snuggle up in when the weather gets colder?


Loving the sage green shade green on this dress.  Definitely something I’d feed cows wearing :)


Trying to achieve the perfect lighting for the shot!  This ensemble is probably my favorite look so far!  Skinny belts are an incredible accessory for highlighting a lovely waistline.


Meet the woman behind the camera, Angela Kohler, Shade Clothing’s photographer.


The final shot at the Shade Clothing Fall Collection photo shoot – it’s a wrap!  To see the entire photo shoot, click here to go to to the Shade Clothing blog.

So what do you think?  Are you stoked for Shade Clothing’s Fall ’09 Collection?  Which outfit jumped out at you?

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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at Shade Clothing’s Fall ’09 Collection

  1. I actually just went to their store at the Gateway a few days ago and was really excited for their new line! A lot of their clothes were on sale so I made a mental note to go back for a shopping run :). I am loving their dress with wellies look. I may have to buy some wellies now….

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