Show Your True Colors: Canada Day Nails

This weekend, our friendly neighbors to the north celebrated Canada Day. As a Canadian myself, I have a set of red lacquer nails showing my patriotism. Here are some other terrific Canada Day themed manicures I found on Pinterest:

Photos, clockwise from left: 1 | 2 | 3

Stay tuned for Fourth of July patriotic nails tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Show Your True Colors: Canada Day Nails

  1. Ooh – how did I miss this? I'm a Canadian too! I'll try one of these cute nail styles next July 1st.

  2. No way, Jean, I didn't realize we both shared Canadian citizenship! Super cool. Where in Canada are you from? I was born and raised in Vancouver. I think the only mani of these I could muster is the diagonal line. The others are a bit complex for me! Perhaps we ought to celebrate Canada Day together next year — I seriously don't know that many Canadians in Seattle yet! -Sarah

  3. I'm from Toronto! I love Vancouver. You're lucky it's just a short drive away. I know a few Canadians (and another of the Seattle Style Bloggers is too). We should definitely have a stylish Canada Day shindig in July!__I think I could do the striped mani but I'd put a red heart sticker on my nail instead of trying to paint it on

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