Short Hair Sisters: Short Hair Inspiration From Real Women

Every time you go for a haircut, chances are you take a photo to your stylist for inspiration. Over the years I have taken photos of celebrities to my stylist, as I’m sure you have, too — women like Victoria Beckham, Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to derive inspiration from real women with short hair, women without professional stylists on hand off-camera, coiffing their hair to make it perfect for the¬†paparazzi? So today I bring you short hair inspiration from real women.

Can I just say? It takes tremendous courage for a woman to cut her hair short and rock it confidently in the world — I am immensely inspired by you strong women for making it work! Short hair sisters, I salute you!

Don’t forget to check out our pinboard Short Hair Sisters, devoted to real women with short hair. Any woman with short hair is welcome to be a contributor and share photos of her rocking short hair!

 Our short hair board on Pinterest has over 4000 followers, so be sure to check that out as well!

(Note: If you would like to be included in Short Hair Sisters, we’d love to have you! Please send me a photo of your fab hair to sarah [at] cablecarcouture [dot] com.)

13 thoughts on “Short Hair Sisters: Short Hair Inspiration From Real Women

  1. citizenrosebud says:

    I don't know about courage- but the type of women who go short are almost always creative, independent and style savvy! Great compilation and concept: real women rock a shortie.

  2. Cable Car Couture says:

    It's true, Bella — women who have short hair are creative, independent, and style savvy! Having interacted with countless women with short hair over the years, at least initially it does require a bit of courage to take the plunge, but as you and I can attest, once you're there, it's the only way to be! Thanks for stopping by and sharing! Love your feedback!

  3. Mary Ann Sibert says:

    So fun to see my funny little face and FAB hairstyle………..I cut it myself and I'm not a Pro to anyone but moi!! At 61 I'll take any publicity I can get. Many Thanks and kudo's to all you beautiful gal's!

  4. Mary Ann Sibert says:

    Kudo's to all women who can pull off the short cut…………….So happy I am included in this"one of a kind" special Blog with all of these simply beautiful women!! Many thanks!!

  5. Jordan S says:

    LOVE IT! Recently just cut my hair short and was not sure about it, but these photos reassured me!

  6. jeanofalltrades says:

    Great compilation! Thanks for including me. I was happy to see such a variety of women and styles. Love the different colors, textures, and cuts. Curls too, which some say can't be short. Love the pink ones too!

  7. Chloe says:

    Really cute look!. She has amazing style. You make me want to go buy a bunch of striped blouses. Looking beautiful as usual.

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