Short Hair Inspiration – take it straight to your stylist!

As someone who has sported short hair for over four years, I am always collecting photos of the cutest short ‘dos. If you’re looking for short hair inspiration, my Pinterest Short Hair pinboard has over 1100 followers and is a terrific resource. It’s a collection of some¬†fabulous inspiration for short hair. Here are a few of my favorites. (Since I’m a natural brunette, you may notice that many of the photos feature brunettes. They would look just as great on a blonde or redhead.)

Ginnifer Goodwin. Photo:

How can you go wrong with Ginnifer Goodwin? She is the short hair “it” girl of the moment, if you ask me. Here’s another angle of all the texture.

Ginnifer Goodwin. Photo:
Ginnifer Goodwin


Love the short, asymmetrical look.

I think I found this photo on a forum somewhere…

Michelle Williams
Relik Salon by Justin Hackworth Photography

When I was flirting with the idea of short hair initially, I kept coming back to this cut.

I based one of my hairstyles off this edgy, short haircut. Love how short it is in the back and the longer bangs.

ANTM's McKey in Seventeen Magazine

Who isn’t inspired by the makeover episodes of America’s Next Top Model where they shear some girl’s hair totally short? McKey’s short hair in Cycle 11 was one of my faves. In the same cycle, Samantha also had a really cool asymmetrical cut.

ANTM's Samantha, Cycle 11

A lot of the time short hair can look really edgy, but I like how soft and feminine this is in comparison.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been one of my style icons for years and when she cut her hair in this pixie cut, I was transfixed!

Shannyn Sossamyn

Shannyn Sossamyn (my doppelganger!) is proof that short hair can be messy and super cute.

Don’t forget to check out my Short Hair Disclaimer: If You’re Going to Go Short, Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know.

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11 thoughts on “Short Hair Inspiration – take it straight to your stylist!

  1. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today!
    I love this post, and I'm now following your short hair board on Pinterest. I've had just about every short haircut ever imagined, so I'm in constant need of inspiration when I want to change it up. I'm actually thinking about going back to a shorter pixie-type cut…

  2. My pleasure, Chrissi! It\’s true, short hair requires a lot of inspiration! Glad you liked the photos. How great that you\’re thinking of going short again. I keep thinking I will grow out my hair but it never seems to get much longer before I abandon ship and go short all over again! -Sarah

  3. Very cool. I cut my hair short and specifically ask for edgy, asymmetrical cuts. Unfortunately, Korea likes to cut women's hair the same, boring way and don't want to give anyone except the men the super cool edgy cuts.

  4. Great photos Sarah!! I LOVE your short hair. But – have to mention something. There are TONS of us out there with curly hair. Maybe you could consider posting short curly girl hair styles as well? Just a thought – since I noticed that your short hair posts are usually all with photos of straight haired gals. :)

  5. Thank you, Lisette! You do bring up an excellent point about short hair options for girls with curly hair. My sister in law has curly hair similar to yours and actually just went short, it looks terrific! I\’ll have to keep that in mind for short hair posts in the future. Thanks for chiming in, Lisette!

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