Short Hair Disclaimer: 5 Risks Involved With Having Short Hair

There’s a reason not every woman has short hair — there is a palpable risk factor involved with a short haircut. From someone who has had short hair for over a quarter of her life, here are the risks involved when it comes to short hair.

  1. People may mistake you for a boy when you have short hair. To this day I remember sitting in the back of the classroom in the seventh grade, raising my hand to answer a question, and the substitute teacher calling on me saying, “Yes, the boy in the back.” Excuse me, boy?! Yeah, you can be sure I let that teacher knew otherwise. (Thank heaven now for breasts and makeup.) Then just before Christmas, it happened again. I was sitting in a restaurant and it happened again. The busboy picked up our plates and said, “Thank you, gentlemen” to my husband and I. Grrr. It won’t happen all the time — these two instances were decades apart — but be prepared if it does.
    A boy? Really. This is my incredulous face.
  2. People may think you’re gay when you have short hair. In our culture today there is an unfortunate stereotype that exists about women with short hair and their sexual orientation. But let’s be honest. Just because you’re short hair doesn’t mean you’re attracted to women. And if you are, well, that’s okay, too.
  3. Your significant other may prefer long hair. Long hair is traditionally associated with femininity, so going short may be a big shock for your significant other. Having short hair is all about balance. You may find yourself wearing more makeup, more jewelry, more feminine clothes to compensate for the sudden hair length so commonly associated with men. That’s okay. You’ll find your stride. And if your man really loves you, he’ll accept you just the way you are.
    I'm very grateful to have a man who loves my short hair. Photo: Justin Hackworth
  4. You may never want to go back to long hair. Let’s face it. Short hair on women is awesome. It’s totally distinctive, edgy, and fun, and people will remember you as the girl with short hair. Since short hair is so easy to care for, you may never want to go back to long hair. But that may also be because…
    Last February I was scouted to be part of a fashion show because I had short hair. Styling: Sophia Simone | Photo: Erin Perkins Photography
  5. It may take forever to grow your hair out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Okay, I’m really going to grow out my hair this time” and then never let my hair past my chin before declaring it’s time to cut it all off and go short again. (This happened last month.) If you do commit to growing your hair out, know that the process is going to be long and awkward, in fact you may rue the day you ever cut it short to begin with. But if you can make it out of the woods, you may want to stop socializing with women who have short hair altogether. It won’t take much to get scissor happy again.
    These days, my hair never gets much longer than this. Photo: Elisabeth Kate Photography
    Now that you know the risks involved, don’t let me dissuade you from cutting your hair short. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just gay men and girlfriends that like short hair. I absolutely love having short hair.If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to cut your hair, check out our Short Hair Disclaimer: If you’re going to go short, here’s five things you should know. Also, be sure to check out my Short Hair Pinterest board committed to bringing you the best in short hair photos!

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28 thoughts on “Short Hair Disclaimer: 5 Risks Involved With Having Short Hair

  1. Do you still live in Seattle? If so, who is your stylist? I have short hair and cannot find a stylist that I like. Thanks so much!

  2. All good tips, Sarah! It took me over 2, sometimes excruciating years to grow out my hair to the middle of my back (which I finally donated in the fall–13inches). While I am really loving the pixie short do's (esp. Ginnifer Goodwin's hair), I haven't made that jump. Chin length over long is my preference. And my gosh… that last shot of you is UH-mazing.

  3. I applaud you, Van, for your stick-to-it-iveness that you were able to follow through! I\’ve done it before, but it is a long, hard road — agreed. Chin length really is a great place to be if you want to have short, but don\’t really want to commit to the awkward grow-out. Thank you! I love that last pic as well! Such a great shot by Kate.

  4. Erin, yes — I\’m still in Seattle and would be happy to introduce you to my stylist. I go to Sophia Simone at The Hair Lounge in Federal Way. It\’s a little off the beaten path, but I have been going to her ever since I moved here and she is excellent! She\’s had short hair for 7+ years and is an absolute perfectionist (required with short hair) and does free touch-ups as well. If you go to… I actually have a referral card for Sophia that will get you $20 off your next cut and style. She charges $44/cut, so is very reasonable. You\’ll love her! Tell her Sarah sent you :)

  5. 6. You will have just as many bad hair days as with any other hair style. Even my perfectly straight, baby fine hair gets all puffy and irrational sometimes. Hats are good to have!

  6. Gah, I've gone short a few times, and the first two? SPOT ON! I've had a ton of people tell me I "looked like a boy/man" with short hair, and have also had TONS of people assume I'm a lesbian because I have short hair. Oh the stereotypes… oh the SILLINESS!! I also loved the people who were all "What's your husband think?!" Um, he DOESN'T think he can control what I do with my hair… Grr.

  7. Love this! What a fun post. I'm thankful that my hubby actually prefers short hair (than again, if he didn't, I wouldn't be with him!). I miss short hair and will probably go short again soon. It's so fresh and modern! Your photos prove it! Love the shot of you in red and white. The maxi skirt with short hair is a great contrast (definitely not boyish).

  8. I LOVE my short have had it most my life. My hubby loves it short too. When we met it was down to my bum. But I was tired of it and ready to go back to the ultra short do I normally had. I lopped it all off and he said he prefers it short says it is cute and sassy just like me!

  9. You hit the nail on the head, Catie. Bad hair days are inevitable either way, though getting regular touch-ups will go a long way to preventing this. Yes, hats, beanies, headbands, scarves, whatever you can get your hands on!

  10. How frustrating it is to hear these assumptions about being a lesbian just because we opt for short hair. Yes, SO with you on that one! My husband lets me do what I want to, thank you very much. Like we need to ask permission!

  11. Thank you, Jean! How wonderful it is to have men who embrace our short hair and us for who we are! I'll be excited to see what you decide to do with your hair next. It's been getting so long! Thanks, I really liked the red and white combo, too. I need to wear that again… It was right after going shorter and I felt the need to dress more feminine to counter it. And it worked! Happy Monday!

  12. That's awesome, Lizbeth! So glad to hear that your husband is in favor of you doing what you love with your hair. It's true, short hair is totally sassy! It has way more personality than long hair :)

  13. Sarah , these are all great tips I agree with all of these. The only one that isn’t true for me is my husband loves my short hair everytime I grow it out , he wants me to cut it off . I love this because not to many men like their woman with short hair. It always annoys me when men say after a woman gets married she gets her hair cut off – what’s that supposed to mean. Great posts and you have great images of short hair.



  14. Great post on short hair! I have loved having short hair and I agree with the last one, growing out your hair can feel painful at times as it goes through awkward phases. I REALLY want to cut my hair short right now, but I feel like it took so long to grow it out, I'm worried about just hacking it off again. Another thing about short hair that is difficult for me is you need hair cuts more often to keep the style.

  15. i love short hair and totally hear what you're saying about all of these. in my 20s i always had short hair and even had a pixie cut for a while. when i had the pixie i felt like my face looked fat. and i experienced people thinking i was a lesbian. i also felt like guys didn't pick up on me as much (not a bad thing) when i went out with girlfriends who had long hair :) but it always looks so chic and i love your hair. i think after my kids grow up a bit i'll cut it again. i always feel like long hair is easier than short for some reason :)

  16. Thanks for chiming in, Claire. I know what you mean, having less hair can really make your face feel exposed. It\’s amazing how much of a cover hair really provides. Interesting to notice that you were picked up less from guys. Most men really do love long hair, but it\’s wonderful to meet the token few who love short hair, too! With long hair you definitely have the easy option of throwing it up in a ponytail. I guess short hair girls have headbands or hats for a quick solution :)

  17. Thanks so much, Jess! How long is your hair right now? It really does take forever to grow. I have a girlfriend who just got past her chin and I was recommending starting to take prenatal supplements to speed up the process. It really does help! Truth — short hair requires far more maintenance, 6-8 weeks for sure, sometimes more if you prefer a very together look.

  18. Thanks, Carrie! I\’m so glad your husband loves your short hair! Mine does, too. While many men love long hair best, I love knowing several who prefer short hair on women. It\’s a woman\’s prerogative what length of hair she has and shouldn\’t be affected by what the man in her life likes.


  19. My hair is just past my shoulders right now. It has taken me three years to get it there from a Mia Farrow style cut. Your post actually really got me thinking, ok, am I going to cut it again or not. I think I have decided that I will give it until the summer and if I still feel like giving it the chop, it goes. And I keep hearing about the wonders of prenatal supplements, time to give those a shot.

  20. Most of my girlfriends at my age (over 60) want their hair style long… cover up aging in the face. Short hair makes me feel "sassy" and sexy and confident. When my X said I developed an attitude with short hair, I immediately got it cut short. He was right, I have had it short ever since!

  21. These are so true! I got mistaken for a hipster boy at a coffee shop during the winter because I had on a beanie as well. And growing it out takes SOOO long.

  22. Thanks BOC42! I guess these are society\’s stereotypes we\’re fighting against. A few weeks back I called the \”gals\” at the coffee shop ladies, then realized one of the women was a man with long hair. It goes both ways. Growing out does take a long time! I find a lot of people like the longer short hair cuts so people will still think your hair is cute along the way if you can keep it freshly manicured :)

  23. Well, seeing as I am gay, and my girlfriend loves short hair, a lot of these don't apply to me!

    I haven't been mistaken for a boy yet, but I do notice that I now make an extra effort to put on makeup and jewelry in order to appear more feminine, that I didn't really make when my hair was long.

  24. Glad that you\’re in a relationship where your short hair is embraced! You and me both — long hair has an inherent femininity and we definitely work a little more to have that with short hair. Thanks for stopping by!

  25. So happy I found this site. I have had short hair forever now. I attempted to grow it out after I had my twins 5 years ago, then my mom got breast cancer and I cut it short again for support of her losing her hair. The hairdresser I went to to cut it short thought I was crazy and thought I would regret cutting it short when it was at my shoulders at that point. She didn't realize that the picture I brought to show her how I wanted my hair cut was actually me and that I was used to having short hair. I haven't gone long again since. I still have my moments where I think long hair would be great and then I realize how much I love my short hair. I love that my husband actually prefers me in short hair, though he also says I need to do whatever I want with my hair. I have been mistaken for a boy. I love how much more adventurous I tend to be with make up and earrings with my hair short. Ginnifer Goodwin's hair is my favorite right now and has been for a while.

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