Shabby Apple Color Blocks – The Block Collection

Shabby Apple recently debuted a new line of color blocking basic items called The Block. What a great collection of pieces you could dress up or down and wear everyday this spring.

Shabby Apple Headliner Dress

Can’t get enough of this dress! It would be so much fun to dress up and down.

Shabby Apple Taxicab skirt
Shabby Apple Metropolitan Blouse

This skirt looks so much like my Forever 21 pleated orange skirt.

Shabby Apple Promenade Blouse

Have you been color blocking this season? Are you inspired to start? For more ideas, check our post on Red and Pink Colorblocking.

5 thoughts on “Shabby Apple Color Blocks – The Block Collection

  1. Aren\’t they fun colorblocking pieces? Shabby Apple seems to be coming out with a new collection once or twice a season — they just released a new 20s inspired swimwear line as well. I don\’t know how they keep up! I found a PDF pattern for something that very closely resembles the red dress I am swooning over for $9.50, vs. the $85 price tag. I may have to give it a try…

    Did you make it to the Style Blogger meetup over the weekend?

  2. Neat! I wish I was a sewer! My styling would be limitless!

    Yes, I actually made it! I always say I'm going to go to things like that and then chicken out. I'm shy and lazy; a horrible combo! Hopefully you can come next time!

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