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Aspiring Couture is a lovely organization that spotlights up-and-coming designers, one of which is Selah D’Or.  Started by Boston designer David Chum, Selah D’Or has beautiful pieces inspired by the female form that are timeless and guaranteed to turn heads.  Says Selah D’Or’s bio, “It’s a subdued form of assertion.”

Selah D'Or Elissa Dress
Selah D’Or Elissa Dress

David Chum was recently interviewed by Aspiring Couture on the topic of quality.

If you look at the pieces, the tailoring is impeccable. It’s all hand sewn by local seamstresses and mostly myself. It’s something that you don’t see a lot in woman’s wear when you go to stores like H&M or Forever 21 or Express. Those places tend to ship stuff out to manufacturers. The turn around time is so fast because those factories cut a lot of corners and use really cheap inexpensive labor and materials. So in turn, the retail prices for the public are LOW, but the quality is poor. This is why clothes from these places fall apart so quickly….or fit so poorly.


Selah D'Or Pencil Skirt with Side Pockets
Selah D’Or Pencil Skirt with Side Pockets


Selar D'Or Lisa Skirt
Selar D’Or Lisa Skirt


As you can see, Selah D’Or certainly delivers classic, timeless pieces with a contemporary twist.   David Shum sure knows how to make a woman look fabulous.

Could you see yourself in one of Selah D’Or’s pieces?  I certainly can…

Explore Selah D’Or’s Fall 2009 collection at or

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7 thoughts on “Selah D’Or

  1. Thanks for your comment, Kelly. Funny you mention that — David Chum, the designer of Selah D'or is from Boston and the name is a play on words from JRR Tolkien's phrase cellar door.

  2. Hey! I love the clothes and I was wondering where I could find skirts like the pencil skirt! I'm planning to go on a mission this week so I'm searching for really nice skirts that I could use!!! Wish you the best!

  3. Hey Emily, I would recommend looking at the Selah D\’Or website directly. These images are from several years ago so I doubt that the exact ones would be available. How long do skirts have to be now to be mission appropriate? Good luck finding fun skirts! Where are you going?

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