Royal Wedding: And the Bride Wore Alexander McQueen

We’ve all been waiting for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress to be unveiled and today it was, in all its splendor. The bride wore an Alexander McQueen gown with a gorgeous lace overlay, designed by Sarah Burton. How refreshing it is to see such a classy gown.

Royal Wedding. Photo: Reuters
  • Something new: Leaf-shaped diamond earrings, a gift from her parents
  • Something borrowed: Cartier tiara from Queen Elizabeth II
  • Something blue: Blue ribbon was woven into the interior of the gown. Also, Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring

Here are some of our favorite photos from the Royal Wedding.

Royal Wedding - Close-up on earrings

Kate Middleton's Gown. Photo: Getty

Photo: Reuters

What did you think about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?

2 thoughts on “Royal Wedding: And the Bride Wore Alexander McQueen

  1. Very elegant. I wonder if that's the dress she wanted or if that's the dress she sort of had to pick because of who she was marrying?

  2. Laureen, you bring up an excellent point, something I was wondering myself actually. I'm sure there was some sort of happy compromise! Apparently Jackie O hated her wedding dress.

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