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retail-therapy-confessions-of-a-shopaholicRetail therapy – noun: shopping as a leisure activity or comfort; also called shopping therapy (thanks

Made famous by Confessions of a Shopaholic :)

Okay, moment of truth.  When was the last time you engaged in some good retail therapy?  How did it make you feel?  Hopefully you don’t have to think too far back.  For me, it was today.

After a long day, I hit Blend Fashions on the way home in Pleasant Grove, Utah and found a ring that fit like a glove and was screaming my name.  It’s big and bevelled and looks like an ice cube on my finger without the whole melting thing to deal with.  Isn’t it fabulous?  It matches so well with my new Rimmel Green With Envy nail polish!  Retail therapy feels so good!

Retail Therapy: My new fab "ice cube" ring from Blend Fashions!
Retail Therapy: My new fab "ice cube" ring from Blend Fashions!

blend-fashions-logoIf you’re feeling the need to engage in some much needed retail therapy, consider Blend Fashions!  Starting this Wednesday, July 15th, they have a HUGE sale happening at their store in Pleasant Grove.  They carry awesome brands like The Mod Bod, Undertease, Free People, PRVCY Jeans, Annie M Jewelry, and more!

Blend Fashions is located at 285 E State Street in Pleasant Grove, Utah and online at  Take your pick.

So what did you indulge in during your last retail therapy session?  I’m sure it was something fabulous!

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9 thoughts on “Retail Therapy at Blend Fashions

  1. Ah, retail therapy. Yes….I did engage in it today. Bought a fantastic pair of black gladiator heels. For me it was therapy…for my husband it was a near heart attack until I reminded him that my heels were less expensive than his golf trip yesterday, lol! Hey….we all have hobbies…I just get to bring mine home at the end of the day! :)

    LOVE this store. I had never heard of Blend Fashions, but it's great! Thanks!

  2. Kristin, black gladiator heels are totally next on my list! Do you have a pic? Where did you get them? I've been eying some cute ones from Target that we, of course, featured a couple months ago. I dunno about you, but having a fashion blog makes me want to buy lots. Haha! Yes, you can wear your hobby again and again and again :) Do you live in the Utah area? Blend also has an awesome fashion blog that you'd enjoy — it's on our blogroll.

  3. Oh yes, girl….I know exactly what you mean! Shopping is a mere byproduct of fashion blogging, lol. I actually found my gladiator heels at Burlington Coat Factory for $15, but they are by Nine West. I tried checking out their site but they don't have any photos of them there. I think I also saw them at TJ Maxx last week, but I can't beat Burlington's prices on Nine West! I hope your hunt for a pair goes well. :)

    I actually live in Kentucky, as exciting as that is! I love Utah though…visited Moab a few years ago and fell in love. I'm going to have to make a trip out there sometime when I have money to burn just to visit all of your modest clothing stores!!

  4. $15 is a killer price, enjoy your new heels! If a pic finds its way onto your blog, let us know. Yes, Moab is gorgeous. Definitely come for a visit and splurge on the great modest shopping sometime!

  5. Alright, rounded up a pic. :)
    If you go to the topic listing for my blog there is a tag titled "Kristin's Closet"….there are photos on that post. I love both of the pairs you're looking at, too! Gladiators are such a glamorous trend. 😉

  6. Awesome, thanks Kristen! Have you been enjoying your new Gladiators? Are they comfortable? That's one of my concerns with this trend, that they be comfortable.

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