Quick Tip: How to Hide Grey Hair

Photo c/o Shellgreenier
Photo c/o Shellgreenier
“OMG!  Is that a grey hair?!”

You may have had a moment like this before when you looked in the mirror and panicked at the sight of your first grey hair.  Instead of dying your entire head of hair to combat a little grey hair or two, try this quick beauty tip instead:

To hide an errant grey hair, take a tube of old mascara and run a few coats of mascara over the offending grey hair (or two, or three).

Voila! It’s that easy.

What do you do to combat grey?

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2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: How to Hide Grey Hair

  1. Hilarious, Amy, we used to do the same thing for my mum when she started going grey, though I hear there's an old wives tale that says if you pluck one, three grow back! Maybe I'm just superstitious.

    Here's to great stylists!

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