Portrait of an Undercut | Short Hair

This week I got a refresher haircut at Rudy’s Barbershop in Belltown from Sarah and got this badass undercut. It follows my left ear in a C shape and is definitively edgy. Seattle photographer Sean Gumm kindly took this lovely portrait for me.

Last month I got my feet wet with an undercut which wasn’t quite as defined so I panicked after seeing how short it was. That said, I’ve warmed to it considerably and have gotten a TON of compliments on it.

The perks of an undercut? You can easily conceal it by letting the longer layers fall over the shorter hair. And when you want to be edgy, slick it over. And if it’s too short, it’ll grow out in no time.

The drawbacks is that you need to get it cut even more often than regular short hair to keep it up. But your hairstylist may have bang trim options for $5 or so to keep it fresh.

Short hair sisters, have you embraced the undercut?

2 thoughts on “Portrait of an Undercut | Short Hair

  1. i've had the undercut for about 2 years now, and i LOVE all of the styling options i have with it! i dont see myself changing styles anytime soon (though i LOVE changing the color!)

  2. Ooh, I really like that, Sarah. I've never heard of or tried an undercut, but I'll have to talk to my stylist about it.

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