Poll: Are Sequins Work Appropriate?

Sequin Tank from Target

I have a confession to make. Yesterday I wore sequins to the office. Are sequins work appropriate? Generally, the rule is not to wear something you’d wear Saturday night to work, but rules like this are being bent and broken all over the place.

Now in my defense, they were matte sequins (not nearly as flashy as the usual), we were heading out to a holiday party right after work, and I had a boyfriend cardigan overtop. That said, I still felt a little uncomfortable wearing them to the office.

So I pose the question to you: are sequins work appropriate?

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

3 thoughts on “Poll: Are Sequins Work Appropriate?

  1. I think it definitely depends on where you work and the environment. In my office, people wouldn't likely think twice about someone wearing sequins. But I don't think I could take a lawyer in sequins as seriously.

  2. Great points, Rebecca. The visual of a lawyer in sequins is a terrific illustration of how there are some fields that definitely wouldn't work for sequins! But at the end of the day, she's free to wear what she wants.

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