Pin it to Win it: JamBerry Nail Shields

Recently I have become totally obsessed with having my nails done. But there’s only so many creative things I can do with my own two hands, so I was excited to discover Jamberry Nails, a nail shield company based out of Utah that opens up fabulous opportunities for your nails!

One of my favorites is the multi-colored chevron nail seen here. Whenever I wear Jamberry Nails, I get compliments practically everywhere I go and from the most stylish people I know. They’re such a fun nail accessory!

Giveaway Details

We’re doing a giveaway for 3 sets of Jamberry Nails shields! To enter is easy. Simply repin the “pin it to win it” photo at the top and we’ll draw a winner on June 15, 2012. To simplify tracking, please leave a comment here after pinning.

In the meantime, check out Jamberry Nails online at to decide which ones you’ll be taking home with you. These babies go for $15/each.

Here are the blue paisley nail shields

Wearing these chevron nails made me go out of my way to integrate fun, bold colors like these!

Have you tried nail shields before?

31 thoughts on “Pin it to Win it: JamBerry Nail Shields

  1. what a fun giveaway! I love the chevron print!
    I'm always doing my nails…and it is much to my husband's sadness since he detests the smell. For good reason but I just have to do my nails in a room he is not in at the time. =)
    I haven't tried these nail shields but have experimented with strips from Sally Hansen. They are fun and easy but I find them to be a chore to put on!


  2. Thank you sweet Nancy! I have yet to try the nail strips from Sally Hansen but I love their looks. There was a gal at a recent networking event I attended who was wearing their gold glitter nail strips and I could not stop staring!
    Yes, I'm with you on that! The finished product is absolutely adorable, but it takes forever to put on. I'm highly tactile and so if there's any loose ends, it drives me crazy! The price we pay for beauty, no? A coat of nail polish is simpler.


  3. I adore your blog!!(: I love seeing other cute Mormon gals like myself doing things like this!(: thanks soo much for all your cute looks! I just pinned this pic and I totally LOVE it! Here’s my pinterest address!:

  4. I've pinned it as well! I'm super curious to learn more about this company, though. The design is fantastic. I'm still struggling with trying those "stickers" on my nails, they just don't stick. I'd love some feedback on what you've see works for you.

  5. Thanks for pinning, Anita! Agreed, the design is fantastic, but my biggest concern is getting the nail shields to stay on as well. In wearing these ones, they will stay on for me for about 4-5 days, though I\’ve heard that with enough heat and pressure it can stay on for longer. Perhaps because I do so much work with my hands and am so tactile, I notice it more. And maybe I don\’t have a high enough heat on it, I\’m not sure. Have you tried Sally Hansen nails? I\’ve heard good things about those ones. -Sarah

  6. How awesome! I am lucky enough to have great nails, so I do all sorts of fun things with them – stripes, polka dots, wild colors. I'm wearing black and white zebra stripes on them today. I'd absolutely love to win a set of these nail shields.

  7. Love these! They might actually inspire me to do something with my nails other than the usual clear polish

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