Outdoor Retailer Show: Born Shoes

Last weekend, I was at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City armed with my camera in hand and was delighted at some of the wonderful things I saw. One of my favorites were Born Shoes.

Usually the way it goes is this: if you want comfort, you have to sacrifice style, and vice versa. But I’m convinced Born Shoes is the exception to the rule. Born has a Crown Line which is designed to be more current and on trend. Here were a few of my faves on display at the show:

They also have a terrific menswear line:

Wingtip brogue shoes have been all the rage recently — though since they’re a classic, they never really went anywhere. This suede pair could easily be dressed up or down.

Since the department stores typically just have a few pairs of Born Shoes on hand, I’d check out their website if you want a better selection.

Do you own a pair of Born Shoes? If not, what brand of shoes do you think is the most comfortable yet stylish?

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