Our Modesty Philosophy – What’s Yours?

Cable Car Couture’s modesty philosphy is threefold: comfort, respect and style.

  • Modesty Philosophy #1: Comfort
    When one dresses modestly, comfort is a natural byproduct.  You’re not pulling or tugging or adjusting your clothing.  You’re comfortable.
  • It's about respect. Photo c/o sausd.us
    It's about respect. Photo c/o sausd.us

    Modesty Philosophy #2: Respect
    Modesty communicates respect: not just for yourself, but for others around you as well.

  • Modesty Philosophy #3: Style
    Our last Modesty Philosophy is style.  Because who said that dressing modestly meant you had to sacrifice style?  Cable Car Couture is committed to showing you just how mod modest can be.

These Modesty Philosophies, comfort, respect and style, are the reasons why we at Cable Car Couture are committed to dressing modestly.

What’s your Modesty Philosophy?

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7 thoughts on “Our Modesty Philosophy – What’s Yours?

  1. Absolutely! I could expand on all of the philosophies :) But it is all very true. There is nothing attractive OR comfortable about being immodest, and all it brings is unwanted attention. Modesty never dies out–love it!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Quincy! Feel free to expand on the modesty philosophies if you like! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Agreed, modesty is definitely classic!

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