OnePinky: Where Freedom Is Always In Fashion is a lovely community I recently came in contact with that is leading a body image revolution for women.  Laura Fenamore, OnePinky’s Body Image Master Mentor, gave Cable Car Couture permission to share this thought with our readers. is the home of Body Image Mastery, Laura Fenamore’s project that is leading the world’s much-needed Body Image Revolution! It is an interactive community that offers lessons, support, and friendship for women who wish to change the way they feel about themselves and their bodies.

Laura says, “Our bodies are amazing. Have you ever been given any other gift that runs 24/7, works tirelessly without being taught, and will always provide a home for you? Your body will never turn you away after you’ve beaten it up, called it names, degraded it, and hated it—it will just stay there, supporting you, always.

“What lover would do that?

“Yet women seem to find their bodies so unlovable. Skinnyfathairyshort—we call ourselves unkind names featuring these traits and countless others every waking hour of our lives.

“Why? Because our bodies are truly that hideous? Or is it just that it’s so much easier to condemn our bodies than to face the problems we experience each day?

“Loving our bodies—ourselves—doesn’t have to be so hard. At, you can get the tools you need to start loving your body today, no matter what you wear or what is in season.”

You can become free. And freedom is always in fashion.

We’ll be lucky to have more on body image from in the future.  In the meantime, visit their website at  They have a delightful segment on the Not So Graceful Aging of Barbie.

What are your thoughts on body image?

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