One Piece, Four Parties

As a belated birthday gift, my mother in law took me shopping and I found a glittery and glamorous navy sequin dolman top from Jennifer Lopez’s new line for Kohl’s. During the holidays, I decided I would maximize my purchase wear it to every Christmas party I attended, and found ways to wear it differently each time.

Party #1: Tim’s Work Christmas Party

Since the party was a business casual dress code, I paired the sequin top with a black pencil skirt, black tights, black ankle strap shoes and simple black pearls for earrings for a more conservative look.

Party #2: My Work Christmas Party

The best accessory I have is this dapper husband of mine on my arm, wearing a custom suit by Beckett & Robb. For take 2, I paired the sequins with Banana Republic fitted black slacks, Etienne Aigner black heels and drop Swarovski earrings I crafted on the way out the door… causing us to be an hour late. Fashionably.

Party #3: Alta Moda Holiday Party

Every year the folks at Alta Moda Bridal throw a holiday party that’s easily the social event of the season. This year was no different. White slacks were added to the mix for rave reviews.

Party #4: Going Away Party

The most creative combination and quite possibly my favorite of the lot, I wore sequins with this floral skirt by Shade and taupe heels for our farewell party.

Sure, it’d be fun to have different outfits to wear to every party during the holidays, chances are you won’t see the same people at each party.

The lesson? With a little creativity, one piece can go a long way.

What did you wear for the holidays?

2 thoughts on “One Piece, Four Parties

  1. Being always the casual soccer mom, I wore the same red cable knit sweater (classic shape with rounded neck and long sleeves) with different shirts underneath — collars and cuffs showing and shirts untucked.
    – I wore a green plaid shirt with a little silver threading in the plaid for Christmas Eve at the in-laws paired with tighter jeans and gray fuzzy topped suede boots above the calves for the wintery feel.
    – I wore a red plaid shirt for Christmas day at my Mom's with a knee length denim skirt, black tights and the same boots.
    – I wore a purple plaid shirt (more tunic style so it was a bit longer) for New Years Eve at a friend's house with dark skinny jeans and my gray wool with black leather toe and heel lace-up booties.
    – And, I wore a crisp white shirt with casual jeans (cuffs rolled) and gray leather ballet flats for New Years Day lunch at my Sis-In-Laws house for black-eyed peas and greens.
    We were moving over the holidays from SC to AL and I could only pack a few things to travel around town with until we could unpack and settle in. These items along with a few accessories made this challenge a breeze.

    By the way, I love your style! And I would love for you to shop my closet as I am going to be working in a business environment now and don't need to spend much to make the transition. I'm in Birmingham, AL, though. Have any friends or colleagues out this way?

  2. Holly, I love how you were able to get so much mileage out of your red cable knit sweater! Do you have photos from your Christmas/holiday outfits? They sound darling. I'd love to see them!

    We have been going through the same transition during the holidays, moving from Utah to Washington — I don't know about you, but it made the holidays even more hectic for us. Though it was still wonderful in between the chaos!

    Thanks for your lovely compliment! There is a colleague of mine named Shauna in SC who has an organization called Mackenzie Image Consulting. Unfortunately I don't have personal connections in AL, but you ought to look at the AICI website, the international organization for image consultants, and look for someone in your area. I would have loved to help — do let me know if you ever find yourself on the west coast and we can go shop. Good luck with the transition! The best thing to do is to use the "clustering" concept when you buy new stuff. It's the idea of 5 Easy Pieces TM that my mentor Judith Rasband coined. You may be interested in purchasing her 5 Easy Pieces DVD for $20 that will introduce you to this economical wardrobing concept and help you get the ball rolling.

    Best of luck!

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