Mod Bod Giveaway: Wear One Piece Five Ways

The Mod Bod is a local clothing company dedicated to providing great quality modest clothes. We’re excited to bring you a giveaway for two popular Mod Bod pieces, the flared Belle skirt in red, and the lace front cami in gray.

To give you a preview of my upcoming class on How to Wear One Piece Five Ways, here are five different ideas of how to wear each piece.

The red Belle skirt is eye-catching and dramatic, and as you can see, it’s a really versatile piece. Plus, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. With a fuller skirt, it can nicely accommodate women with fuller hips and thighs. Even a gal with wider athletic shoulders will appreciate the flare since it will help balance their body.

Outfits from L to R — Outfit A: Belle skirt with print shirt. Outfit B: Skirt with white button down shirt. Outfit C: Skirt with black turtleneck and apron. Outfit D: Skirt with floral ruffle top. Outfit E: Skirt with black tee and white cardigan.

The gray lacey front cami is ultra soft and can be worn in lots of fun ways. The lace texture gives the piece some great visual interest, making it a great way to spice up a simple outfit. It’s nice and long (great for gals like me with a long torso) so you’ll be sure to get plenty of coverage.

Outfits from L to R — Outfit A: Gray cami with pink boyfriend cardi and black skinny jeans. Outfit B: Cowl neck top with cami, black skinny jeans, and suede boots. Outfit C: Purple cardigan, fishnet scarf, cami, gray jeans. Outfit D: Cropped jacket with cami and blue skinny jeans. Outfit E: Orange tunic with cami and black skinny jeans.

Buy It

If you can’t wait to get your hands on these fabulous pieces, you can purchase the Belle Skirt and Lacey Front Cami online at or from the Mod Bod University Mall store.

Win It

One lucky winner will snag these two Mod Bod pieces in their size! To enter the contest, follow the rules below.

Main Entry: Tell us which outfit you like best!

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  • 5th entry: Tell us how you would like to style the pieces if you won them!
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The contest ends on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at midnight. Let’s hear it from you!

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Blog Disclosure: Cable Car Couture received free product for writing a review for Mod Bod.

50 thoughts on “Mod Bod Giveaway: Wear One Piece Five Ways

  1. My favorite outfit with the skirt is the one with the pink printed blouse. My favorite grey camisole outfit is the one with the long pink cardigan. haha…i guess there's a pink trend here!

  2. I love that skirt with the cute apron. Hello, hott domestic goddess! I also adore the silk kimono style shirt with the gray lace under.

    PS You are gorgeous!

  3. i really like the 2nd outfit from the right with the gray lacey front cami. I really wouldn't mind a new clothes. Almost everything I own is from high school.

  4. Tough to pick a favorite! I really do love the grey cami, jacket and jeans. It is something I can see myself wearing.

  5. My favorites:
    Red skirt with white top (Outfit B) and
    love both the gray cami with pink cardi (Outfit A) and black cropped jacket (Outfit D)

  6. I would style
    grey lacey cami: with black leggings, knee high black boots (with a stiletto heel) and black cardigan
    red skirt: with navy cropped jacket, white tee, and white pumps with cork heel

  7. I loved the black pants on the far right with the very fancy long top and also the dress with the apron -very 50's 😉 I am in Canada – not sure if I am OK in this one or not – hope so this is great!

  8. I'm going thru an apron phase, so I';ll say Skirt with black turtleneck and apron is my fav!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering our giveaway link!

  9. If I won, I would wear the red skirt over a lose black shirt (tucked in) with a skinny black belt, dark lace/sheer tights, black heels or ankle boots, a long necklace, and a few other pieces of jewelry. As for the gray cami, it would look great under my black leather jacket with some dark flare jeans, a white circle scarf, and red flats. :) Thanks!

  10. I would pair the red skirt with a black blouse and black flats.
    For the gray lace cami, I would wear it underneath a black boat-neck shirt, with black leggings and boots.

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